Eddas in a Nutshell – For performance at the Gudvangen Summer Market 2019

Eddas in a Nutshell – For performance at the Gudvangen Summer Market 2019

There is a ‘How To’ guide at the foot but basically we will be performing these in many languages.

bright boy

The god of light and beauty

Balder was beautiful

Watch the twist of mistletoe fly through the air


Balder is dead – dead

Screaming silently forever

Lady Hel Herself holds him… Hahahahahaha

Unless everyone cries

Everyone cries

Except one giantess… Hahahahahaha

Really it is Loki… Hahahahahaha

Balder stays dead

What ever happened to happy endings!




The pool of wisdom is guarded

But Mimir the guardian is just a head

Kept alive by magical herbs nudge nudge wink wink

“I can see you. Who are you?”

It is the big boss god of all the Viking gods

He who sometimes has an echo

Odin – No hang on I’ve said his name wrong

(Everybody all together 123) Ooooooooodin (Hand to ear)

He will drink from the pool of wisdom

(Mumbled) “No hang on, you have to pay!”

“What do I have to pay?”


(Mumbled) You have to poke out one of your eyes

So Odin poked out one of his eyes

We are about to drink from the pool of wisdom

Join us

Some of you clearly need it

(Everybody all together 123)



baby wolf

Angraboda had a baby

It was a gnashing roaring monstrous beast

Hear Fenrir the wolf…

Go near him and he will bite off your head

big roar

He rips off hands

Trick him and he howls

Dark elves fashion silken fetters

Trapped; he growls till Ragnarok

At last he bursts free

He is massive

wolf sky

His jaws reach the sky

Fenrir swallows Odin (gulp)

Odin kills as he dies

Fenrir dies in agony


Thor’s hammer is heavy


See we throw

Watch Mjolnir fly wuvwuvwuvwuvwuv

It hits (Bumf)

It comes back

We kill giants ‘Aaaaaaargh’


Trolls and troll-wives

trpll face

Wolf-children in the Iron Wood

Giant serpents

Yet this is the hammer which blesses the baby

Inspires the bride

Nourishes your yearnings

We throw it now at you loins

Wooohooo Haha Yayhey


You humans had better look out

The ravens are watching

See they fly high

They can tell if you are naughty

They peep into your chamber

The ravens know what you are thinking

Oh yes

Hugin and Munin

Thought and memory


They fly out from the shoulders of Odin

Oooooops I’ve said his name wrong – everybody – Ooooooodin

They return to tell him all about you! (Point)

This is what they say about you…

Caw caw caw

Winter upon winter upon freezing winter


Everyone goes mad


Let’s get physical

Lightning strikes

Thunder rolls

Roosters call – listen to the cock crow

Anger overcomes us

Gods go to war


Monsters rise

Fire, weapons and poison

Cry out in fear as you die

Wolves howl


Hel screams

Loki laughs

We are dead dead dead dead dead

The end

No wait


See, the sun is rising

Here are the previous ones…


‘How to’ guide:

If you are working with children they can repeat each line altogether after you and act it out; remember, many of the stories from the mythology are quite gruesome.

The multi-national story; you need people who speak different languages (and English) you can also encourage different dialects for a bit more fun. You say each of the lines and one at a time they saying along the row in their own language. It works wonderfully well, it works far better than it should! Prepare to have great fun.

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Viking Saga in a Nutshell – As performed at Gudvangen Viking Market 2017

Viking Saga in a Nutshell – As performed at Gudvangen Viking Market 2017

See ‘how to’ at the bottom for ways to turn these shortened sagas into performances

038 sig sword up

Sigurd the Warrior

034 sig sword

The warrior thrust his sword – into his scabbard

035 sig horse

Mounted his mighty horse – and rode through the night

009 rode all night

And the next day

008 ride all night

And the next night

036 mountains

Ahead was an enormous mountain

037 cave

In the mountain was a huge cave

038 sig sword up

He leapt from his horse – and strode in

084 up tunl

Up a long high tunnel

087 to enor cave

Towards an enormous cave

010 pile of gold

In the cave was an enormous heap of gold

007 dragon on pile

Upon the gold was an enormous dragon

039 dragon


089 crouch fear.jpg

He crouched in fear, “I cannot kill this thing!”

013 two raven

Two birds landed on his shoulders and whispered,

090 dig what.jpg

“Dig a hole” “What with?”

092 with sword.jpg

“Dig with your sword.” “Why?”

094 leap in.jpg

“Just dig, dig, and leap in!”

039 dragon

The great monster awakes

012 wait in hole

Sigurd the warrior crouches down with his sword

095 d flies out.jpg

The monstrous dragon flies out through the tunnel

096 s stabs

Sigurd stabs, stabs, urg, hu, arg, p,dumph

011 dragon head

The dragon bites, RRRRaphnth!

097 haha 01.jpg

Sigurd slices, “Hahahahahahaha!”

098 haha 02


Sigurd Awakens Brinhild

034 sig sword

Sigurd the warrior raised his sword

025 neck slice

He sliced right through the dragon’s neck

026 ring

And from its claw he took the cursed gold ring

099 seeks.jpg

“I will go and seek my fortune”

010 pile of gold

“Hang on, I already have a fortune”

028 sadlebag

He filled his saddlebags with dragon’s gold

030 sig rides

He rode away on his horse which was afraid of nothing – nothing

076 man horse 01 flipped


029 terrain types

Forests, swamps, mountains

0100 on mount.jpg

Upon a far mountain is a tall tower

0101 in flames.jpg

Surrounded by flames

0102 leaps.jpg

The horse leaps

024 sig leaps

Through the air

031 sig through flame

Through the flames

0103 dismounts.jpg

Sigurd dismounts inside the tower

0104 asleep.jpg

Laid asleep upon a stone bed is…

0105 most beaut.jpg

The most beautiful woman he has ever seen

027 sleeps

She was unclothed

0106 in arms

He took her in his arms

0107 kiss.jpg

He kissed her

0108 awake

She awoke, “I love you”

0109 will you.jpg

“I love you too – will you marry me?”

0110 ring on

He put the ring upon her finger

026 ring

The cursed ring

0111 beginning of.jpg

That is just the beginning of a story – where

0112 ev dies 01.jpg

Everybody dies

For the Love of Freyja – and the Walls of Asgard

054 god war flipped

The big boss god of all the Viking gods?

047 odin 01


048 odin 01 flipped


049 asgard

His city was in ruins

050 asgard flipped


044 h stranger

Along came a handsome stranger

045 h stranger flipped

“I will build the walls of your city for you”

078 hs 02

“And all I want in return is…”

0114 str the sun.jpg

“The sun, the moon and the beautiful lady Freyja as my wife oooooo”

0120 sun 04.jpg

“Everybody all at once” “The sun, the moon and the beautiful lady Freyja as my wife oooooo”

069 odin 02 flipped

Odin said, “You want what!”

0115 ev the sun group 01.jpg

“Everybody all at once” “The sun, the moon and the beautiful lady Freyja as my wife oooooo”

070 odin loki heads

That is a lot, I will ask Loki

057 loki 01

“What does he want paying?”

055 odin and loki 01

“Everybody all at once” “The sun, the moon and the beautiful lady Freyja as his wife oooooo”

059 half a year

“Only if he can get it done in less than half a year”

068 odin 02

Odin told the stranger…

0116 sun 01.jpg

“But will you still pay me “Everybody all at once” “The sun, the moon and the beautiful lady Freyja as my wife oooooo”

046 hs and horse

“And can my horse help?”

060 horse mountain 01

“Hahaha what good is a horse? It was a magical horse

061 horse mountain fly

It flew down and picked up a mountain

065 hs brick 01

The stranger used it as a brick

062 horse mountain fly flipped

It flew down and picked up a mountain

066 horse to hs brick

The stranger used it you get the idea

067 hs brick to wall

He will get it down in time and then we will have to pay him

0118 sun 02

“Everybody all at once” “The sun, the moon and the beautiful lady Freyja as his wife oooooo”

071 loki turns horse
072 lady horse 01

Loki turned into a beautiful lady horse brrrrrrr

075 man horse 01
074 lady horse 02

The stallion followed her

077 into magic wood

Into the magical woods

078 hs 02.jpg

Now the stranger wouldn’t get the job done in time and he wouldn’t get paid…

0119 sun 03

“Everybody all at once” “The sun, the moon and the beautiful lady Freyja as his wife oooooo”

079 off to biff

He threw off his handsome disguise and became the rock giant he really was

0121 goes to biff.jpg

He went to biff Odin

080 odin to biff

But Odin biffed him

081 biffs giant

He biffed him so hard he flew all the way back to the land of the giants

0122 nearly wall.jpg

The walls were nearly finished and Odin didn’t have to pay…

0123 ev group flipped.jpg

“Everybody all at once” “The sun, the moon and the beautiful lady Freyja as his wife oooooo”


058 loki 01 flipped

The god of mischief

0124 trickery.jpg


0125 cruelty


0126 she screams.jpg

“When the goddess awakes see how she screams”

0127 l laughs 01.jpg

Loki laughs “hehehehe”

0129 l laughs 02.jpg


0130 shape change.jpg

He is also a shape changer god

0131 creatures.jpg

(say to the cast,) “Say the names of four random creatures or things”

056 odin and loki 01 flipped

The gods had had enough of him

0132 throw ch

They threw away his children

0133 throw snake 01.jpg
0134 throw snake 02.jpg

The giant snake they threw into the sea, “Roar, sploosh”

0135 wolf in

The monster wolf into the ground “hoooooowl”

016 hel falls

His putrid, rotten daughter down to the underworld

014 hel


0136 poison face.jpg

Burning poison was dripped on Loki’s face

0137 all scream.jpg

“All scream together!”

0138 her ship

“See my daughter fly her ship of the dead”

0139 kill all.jpg

“And we will kill you all!”

0142 haha 01
0143 haha 02.jpg

“Hahahahahaha” – “Haha”

0140 l dies

That is the end of Loki’s story, in which…

0141 ev dies

[Say to the cast] (“All say together, “Everybody dies” on the count of three.) 1 2 3 “Everybody dies!”


0151 end of world

The end of the world, where everybody dies

0152 gods monsters etc

Gods, Monsters, wolves and slaves

015 all fight

Everyone fights together until they die

0153 dd we ment

Did we mention everybody dies?

0154 cos do

Because they do

033 yg wave

The sea rises up and swallows the land

032 yg lightning.jpg

Lightning strikes the great tree

017 yg falls

The great tree falls,

0155 eek.jpg

eeeke, creeeeak, vrooooompht, budoumpht, budoumpht, budoumpht

0156 bdumpht


019 yg twig

One branch

019 yg twig

One branch remains standing free of the water

018 yg

The bits of the old world gather around the branch

020 lithr babe

Two figures climb down to this new land

0150 l and l

Lith and Lithrasia

021 babe

New life begins, cradled in their arms

0157 old gods.jpg

The power of the old gods rises from the sea

023 yg old gods.jpg

The light of life and hope

022 l and l arms

We raise up our arms in wonder and say, “aaaaaaah”

Njord; the god of the sea

0158 he leads.jpg

He leads us

0159 guides.jpg

Guides us

0160 stare

Stare out to sea with him

0161 under is terrible g.jpg

For under the sea is a terrible goddess

0162 twisted.jpg

Ran! She is wicked and twisted

0163 swings

She swings her net and catches sailors “aaaaaaaargh”

0164 wander.jpg

They wander her home forever

0165 ccold

“I am cccccold.” – “I miss my familyyyyy”

0166 drownded.jpg

“I wish I hadn’t drowneded”

0167 claps.jpg

“Hahahahaha” Ran laughs and claps

0168 sick.jpg

That is how sick she is

0169 good.jpg
0170 guides.jpg

Njord is good; he guides us

0171 home.jpg

This is his home

0172 njard.jpg


0173 by sea.jpg

He stands now by the sea

0174 ol.jpg

Bless him with mjord and ol

0175 gud

Gudvangen! Njardarheimr!

Although I wasn’t yet strong enough to face being at Gudvangen this year I was thrilled to be asked by stand-in host Annabelle to allow her to continue my tradition of multi-national stories. So each of the scripts I have published here has been performed in my honour by Annabelle with a gang of pals such as Karin in many languages and dialects simultaneously.

‘How to’ guide:

If you are working with children they can repeat each line altogether after you and act it out; remember, many of the stories from the mythology are quite gruesome.

The multi-national story; you need people who speak different languages (and English) you can also encourage different dialects for a bit more fun. You say each of the lines and one at a time they saying along the row in their own language. It works wonderfully well, it works far better than it should! Prepare to have great fun.

I look forward to be being welcomed back into the fold at Gudvangen next year (or even sooner).



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God’s Bless Ya 02 – Hel – Ragnarok Mythology Festival, Denmark

God’s Bless Ya!!! 02 – Hel – Ragnarok Mythology Festival, Denmark

(for bookings visit our site.)


As part of our show featuring myself with Alda and Sigrun Bjork Olafsdottir and our stunning models we present costume, music, song and story for a Goddess experience.


Here are poems inspired by Lady Hel herself, ruler of the dark lands of the in-valiant dead followed by my narration for the cat walk and the stunning Hel costume designed by Sigrun is elegantly shown for us by our talented model displaying for you to the unique magic of Alda’s composition.

The Hel Poems

Warning; Enter if you dare – here is contained the Viking history of belief in death, suffering and hell.

Read on only if you are of strong mind, will and maturity.

Ride beyond Modgud the bandaged and bleeding one if brave enough to cross her chasm path.

See eyes in the dark as growls rumble; guard hound Garm will let you in – yet will never let you out: see fire-eyes, hear blood drip as you slide by.


Hear forever screams from the long long long drop of the worthless as you leap the abyss.

Hel Poem 01 – What is Done Can Never Be

Born her of giants,

their shape-changer essence perverted her form

Until she matured monstrous

Living and dead

Rotten and luscious mixed

Yet somehow alluring


Attracting you into her power

Commanding in presence

She pulls you into her will

You forever admire

Beg to endlessly serve

Wise Norns spoke of the danger of her

Born of beings of evil

Begatted by badness

The evil pretender god

With the hulking death volva

She was destined toward greatness

Forever be fearful

hel press

Hel Poem 02 – Kenning































If you wish to share,

Hel is just down there…

door 02 coloured.jpg

Hel poem 03 – Go Now Down

To where the cursed one fell

Ride nine days down

The north beneath the north

The world beneath the worlds

Hel’s citadel in hel,

Her Niflheim

Built forbidding from her mighty will

The darkest of powers of construction

Power out of destruction and death,

Here recreated from dread essence

Built of bitter cold,

The unending nights very core

All that remains of the dust of suffering

These her tools

The falling screams

Welts poisons spray cements and bonds

And builds

Take not your toe nails with you long

Naglfor is rising in the rising sea

To fly to war, to death of all

Oath-breakers island over rivers of spears

Living serpents bind and twine,

to bite the liar encased within

Niflhel her misty hel

Her towering walls are thrusted

Meer strength of will these gates forbidding built

From living witches buried deep

There grows the putrid plants of undead sustenance

Hel built all this

From dastard whim

falling darkness 04 up painted.jpg

Hel Poem 04 – Enter Forever

Doors open for you

To cavernous hall

Countless faces turn to you

Slowly the new dead turn grey face

The rotting and green see you

Further in the darkness,

are the less flesh than bone

Hear a drip drip drip

Watch your footing as you walk

Welcome to the land of the dead

Of the waiting

Lives of the countless

The pitiful, the unanswered,

The resigned and the scowling

Here are the leering, the most treacherous

You are stared at by the murderous

Feel if you can for the agonised

Beyond them the angry

Eyes only for you

Speak not to the dead

For then they can all speak to you

All, all at once

In their many moods and wishes

Many broken sounds.

From her glimmering veils of misfortune

She steps dangerously forward

Mottled and mouldering

Be caught in a tear fall forever to have seen her

Cry now

To be doubt-filled, untrusting, contrary to the full.

This is a testing, so beware her

Let all weep for your passing

Or scream silently forever in living hungry death

Shades in the shades see you

She holds the very god of light and beauty in her power


Your tears melt the rime, these are meltwater tears

Beware her lest she summons her father

In his shape-shifter form he will remove all your hope.

She has you under her power

Will feed and keep you, all bedecked in gold;

Except witches,

those of you who see yourselves witches or herbal

Prepare to whimper under deep dark earth buried forever

Enter all

You are summoned

Weep now

Weep till you weep dry tears

Hel Poem 05 – Witch Burier

Rust Red the cockerel awakens the dead

There is one who has not slept

Hel’s Mother

Alive she is buried

Buried by Hel,

Daughter of Angraboda, born in Jotenheim

Here in Niflhel she buried her witch mother

Aware under there

So she Angraboda will know forever

That she is dead

Summon her from the earth if you dare

She will answer three questions

Yet all she wishes is,

to return to her dark earthen misery

She will take you with her too if she can

All she needs to know is your true name

Down you will go

Hel Poem 06 – You Cheater

If you spat in barrel,

and then broke your word

Then yes you shall go to her

Are you a liar?

All oath-breakers travel to her

Worst of the worst is the unfaithful

That is a promise which must not be broken

Meer human you have faults

So hence you will go to her

You know in your hearts

You are unfaithful; a liar

You cheat and you steal

And the tower awaits you

Step now though the waters

The icy waters of the river

The fast flowing river

Forged only of frozen

Each of the ice parts

Is formed as a spear head,

A seaxe or a dagger point

Bleed as you scream as you wade

Do not hurry though

For a torture of forever is waiting there

A tower of serpents

They will bite you forever

They will burn you with poison

Forever is forever

Oh how you will scream

Hel poem 07 – To Dream of Hel as Balder Did

Escape dark shapes in nightmares if you may.

For she will call for you

And oh yes, you will offer to go

As now each night in readiness she grooms

She brings you the despicable. Yes,

Gasp and moan. Be in half light, turn grey.

Whitening to the emptiness of the whitest weed

Feel not the sun’s warmth ever,

even when you walk awake

Seek deeper sleep…

Shadow skulkers shapeless now

Ghostly skull guests creep

Monstrous forms will snuff you

Thrash and kick all you will

Oh hope your screams will wake you

The lingering feelings will remain:

Naked doomed fear has grasped the living

As she was hurled into mist and darkness

You too now yearn for the world beneath worlds

Odin’s curse Hel wishes to share

And you,

are falling and falling

Hel (Prose) Poem 08 – Half Dead She Will Kill US

In her home beyond the sheer rock, she still hears the curse words,

“Share all that you have with the dead, adorn them in gold and feed them your putrid foods”

Her brother encircles the world.

While her other brother above bound to earth howls to be rescued.

One day her father will howl out in agony with hope in his dark heart that his offspring shall aid him, vengeance will be theirs together; Oh yes.

Capable of great structures, dark creation, from dark materials.

She has a ship readying, a dread vessel filling with undead.

Her Man-servant Ganglati and Maid-servant Ganglot they move so slow as not to be seen, until they are upon you; like weeping dark angels of stone.

She eats from Hunger with her knife Famine thinking only of the moment.

Sleeps in Sick Bed, her bed curtained by Glimmering Misfortune.

She dreams of the death of us.

Vengeance shall be theirs, Oh yes.


The Catwalk Talk

Born of a giantess who loved the unfaithful-one she was taken away because of her monstrousness. Her mother Angraboda was bound in her sleep by the Gods who despised her, and so hated her daughter. Hel is a putrid thing, half dead half alive. They cast her to Hel as her home down below us. As she fell and fell through the misty dark gloom the words of Odin echoed through her. “You are cursed, in your half-rotten half-beautiful self you are fitting only for death, live the forever death building cities for the dead.”

As she fell, as she landed, as she built, she swore her revenge. Oh how the world will end. Her great halls are filled with the myriad dead, only those fallen, who lost badly or while running, none of the brave go there. Die well my friends or you will join her. She looks at you now and feels the lies in your heart, the fears from your dreams and she knows. Your twisted dark desires glow out from you like a punishment, you have it in you to be one with her. For yes Hel is beautiful, entrancing, but once in her power when she turns to her other side there is the putridness you will worship forever. Oh yes, she knows. She knows you will be coming to her, you will feel the call in your nightmares and then forever in her halls hungry and bitter, awaiting the battle, the final battle to end all battles where everybody dies: Ragnarok is coming and you dark ones are ready, to rise up, rise up, rise up.

See also God’s Bless Ya!!! 01 – Skadi the Huntress

God’s Bless Ya! 01 – Skadi – Ragnarok Mythology Festival, Jelling, Denmark

God’s Bless Ya! 01 – Skadi  – Ragnarok Mythology Festival, Jelling, Denmark

rag poster


As part of our show featuring myself with Alda and Sigrun Bjork Olafsdottir and our stunning models we present costume, music, song and story for a Goddess experience.

Here are poems inspired by Skadi the huntress goddess followed by my narration for the cat walk and the beautiful Skadi costume designed by Sigrun is elegantly shown for us by our talented model displaying for you to the unique magic of Alda’s composition.

group press

Skadi 01Follow Her Way

Thrymheim – storm-home

Huntress Skadi

Beyond loveless lava flows

Where ice burns

Beyond the burning blue crevasses

See her icy fury

Pale eyes growing cold in rage

Vengeance upon murderers

Stars of the father

look upon the just and fair

Be safe with Skadi

for as long as there is night

Her kind wildness in your heart

skadi side

Skadi 02Finding The Warmth

Let love of winter lands

Bring firm cool flesh

Breasts and belly proud and smooth

By the cold

Yes fresh is best

All the better to fire the pulse of man

The beat of the heart

The firmness

The stand of the man

To find and join at last

With the inner secret warmth

Let flow the icy breath of ecstasy

ice cities -01coloured

Skadi 03Free Will’s Arrow

Goddess of the victim

Bringer of justice

Rights of the underdog

Huntress protection

Skadi will make you strong again

Watch for the buck’s run

Or the burst of icy waters

The stag’s breath

Be quick of eye; back on target

Laugh with all your heart

A giantess among women

The stars shine especially for you

Go where you will;

Free to love

Or free to love life alone

As and when it suits

The huntress in your heart

skadi model


Beware, for here walks Goddess Skadi, wild huntress of the far north. Beyond the blue crevasses, far over highest mountains, far beyond the loveless lava-flows, there is her abode; where stones crack, there stands her towering halls upon dark rock heights. Here she oversees the winter. Looking across the worlds of men and gods and darker beings. She sees you. She watches, ready, so beware, Skadi: judging the harsh, the cruel and the killer. She is your guardian dear victim, if you have been painfully treated you can call her spirit to you. You, yes you, she is here for you today. For she would stand against gods. Let her father’s eyes the stars look down upon you from the blissful dark.

Snow-dweller of cool firm flesh she has an inner secret warmth that she would share if you have the heart to be as free as her, yet how she loves, let old man Njord of the noisy sea dare to climb with her above the scree and ice crags, his beautiful feet clad in woven shoe, and he will find a young heart within him when he lays with her. Yes, she has joined with the oldest element of fertility, the ruler of the very winds, the tides; his currents flow as young as ever now. He brought her bounty and she brings bounty too.

Be swift of eye when she is with you, watch the buck’s dash and let your arrow fly. Let men wish for your darts of command so they may be with you for just one night. Let the toxic sharks dangle on your hook with forlorn hope, that they may be reeled in to breath the ice-cold air of redemption. You who brings in the wild goodness and embraces the gleam of low light that shines through the sheets of blue and yellow and silver ice. Let tall battlements be nothing of obstacle to those who know what is fair and just, for strong will be the icy rage if your Skadi-heart is not listen to with expected respect. Stand and face gods and Giants you follower of Skadi you.

Brave tall peaks of the impossible with her beside you for she brought laughter from the gods for all the worlds to be giants of reckless joy.

We are thankful now. For your wildness, for your beauty, for your joy, for your strength of heart and keen arrow. Skadi, we thank you, thank you Skadi.

Thank you




And here is my Poem of the Goddesses, I have blogged it before but as it covers all the Viking Goddesses and the empowerment they bring you I thought it was worth you having a look see here. Besides, it just might give an insight into the future for Sigrun of just how much sewing she will be doing as our show grows and grows!

Goddesses of the Norse Mythology

Blessing the Goddess; Blessing the Earth

Experience again your Viking rebirth

Battle for love; believe in Freyja

Dive naked through waterfalls, Brunhild is here

As Amma will harvest and all will grow,

So Lin will serve; all beauty to show

Be old yet young be gathered by Berchta

Gently remember who you are through Snotra

Let Lofn be stirring your belief in romance

Be not forbidden feel Sjofn’s advance

Syn will defend you: Gefion make pure

Sunlight dances on water for the eyes of Saga

Birth be powerful; be proudful as Rind

Fly high with Sun; dance on the wind

Gna washes us clean; Audumla feeds

Fulla will fill, bringing forth all your needs

Jorth is at one with you, ever aware

Skuld, Urd, Verdani: your self is laid bare

Sif brings us gold; the sun on the corn

Nanna’s womanly peace gives joy reborn

Nurture regardless Angraboda

Be the mother of Gods; be as Bestla

Stronger than Thor, learn Glima with Elli

The power of Eir for healing and mercy

Nerthus has berthed us be at one in the world

Be guarded Sinmora no wounding unfurled

As mighty as Thrud you are Thorsdottir

Idunn dances bringing youthfulness near

Var fills our heart to make oaths of love

For Vor nothing is hidden within or above

Gleam with a beauty for Menglad will heal

Rise again with Gulveig to truly feel

Nine Mothers rise over us, take us away

Feel as strongly as Ran does; be free to say

Walk the plains with Ida you animal spirit

Be mother as Mothir as moments befit

Sygin forever brings freedom from pain

View the future with Groa; tomorrow is plain

These are the Goddesses bringing rebirth

Fjorgyn’s children – Mother Earth

These are the Goddesses bring rebirth

Fjorgyn’s children – Mother Earth

                                                     Adrian Spendlow