Welcome to Gnomeville as Special Guests take over for Living in America Six

We are going to another land, to a magical place all the way across this amazing adventurous continent which is North America that spirit that brought us here all the way across great track of discoveries makes anytning possible. Take a look, we ar eging to Gnomeville/

This is a place which actually exists, in the hearts and minds and garden of my uncle and aunt Larry and Jeanette.

I will hand you over to them as they take us on a guided tour of their daily existence…

This village of Gnomeville is approximately 2000 miles SE of the village of Nome, Alaska – and three miles NW of the Sons of Norway, Poulsa WA.

This is a very inclusive community including immortals such as dwarves, elves, fairies, gnomes and trolls, plus some noted religious souls and a few fairy tale figures.

The population of Gnomeville as of August 2020 is 79, but not all are photographed for this blog. [“So I am hoping for a second edition blog in the future! Ed]  

Taken from the village plaza towards the bridge over the Geiranger Fjord. The Gnu Way is on the left and separated from Dwarfland Blvd by the two steel wheels.

The greeters on the bridge are Little Miss Muffet and Little Boy Blue. (This photo was taken in about 2018, and a few persons have moved in since that time.)

On the left side of the plaza lives Ron the Rainman who shelters under the hydrangea shrubbery.

On the righthand side lives Charlie the Carpenter, a son of Thor.

Above the plaza sleeps Sam the Sentinel who is known to fall asleep as the city is peaceful and quiet, at least before dusk. It is after dusk that these little people are most active, especially under a full moon. If visiting humans are attentive and kind-hearted at these times they may see or hear them going about their activities and you the human will feel greatly enriched.

Newly arrived last year is Lao Tzu. When he arrived he said, “Those who know don’t talk; those who talk don’t know. Do what you enjoy”.  He enjoys fishing without a hook.

Back behind the bushes, to the left of the windmill, along The Gnu Way is the Bogota of Buddha. He holds up a dark ball and ball of light. He told us, “When people see some things as beautiful other things become ugly When people see some things as good other things become bad. Long and short define each other. High and low depend on each other. Before and after follow each other.” We try not to disturb them, but things are noisier just down the way from there.

Old McDonald’s farm has a Moo Moo here and a Baa Baa there, but the buddha and Lao Tzu remain undisturbed.

Next to the barn in the shadow of St Francis are two happy young boys playing, while a younger brother sits with a bird.

Moving over to Dwarfland Blvd to the far right we find the first two of the Seven Dwarves; Bashful and Dopey. They are a little leery of the butterfly on their large butterfly house – Big enough to carry them away. Happy is hiding in the upper left, waiting to jump out and say ‘Boo’.

The next mushroom house is the home of Doc, Sleepy and Sneezy. Grumpy is off by himself hiding in the Rhody leaves. In the foreground is Milo Miner, a dwarf who lives in a small mine below.

Fred and Ferd Fungi are playing in their mushroom house. They have a rain gauge because fungi need water to grow. Crawling out of a hole in a tree trunk behind them is Morton Miner; dwarves prefer dark places and like going down mines.

As we go down the path through the two steel wheels we are greeted by Brer Rabbit and Uncle Remus on a cedar log.

They are greeters to the next section of Gnomeville; the Gnostic circle with the Brixius pump in the community center from which flows Stoney Creek.

The folks here are knowledge seekers. Gnosis mean knowledge in Greek.

On the far left of the circle we encounter George and Greg Gardener. Gardeners study the nature of plants so as to care for them well. In the process of this study they learn the laws and wisdoms of nature. The large sparrow between them sings to them as they work.

Next we see Pops and Sunny Woods coming out of the green woodland. Forest dwellers are also known for their learning. They see Gems and Pic Ax Miner who are uncles to Milo and Morton who live in Dwarfland. Gems and Pic are well known geologists and are well grounded in the deeper meaning of life.

By Stump Castle [17] we find Gnomio and Juliet miner, the parents of Milo and Morton. Gnomio and Juliet are the founders of Gnomeville in 2012. (A movie was made of them. It is rumoured that Shakespeare knew then and that they were the inspiration for a play he wrote, but that was many years ago.)

Herman the Hermit lives in this hollow hole; an empty space within a tree trunk. He finds a wholeness in that space.   

 Gazing at Stoney Creek is Shiva (transformer in the Hindu Trimurti) notices that the creek is constantly changing as it flows. You can never step twice into the same creek. In his hammock above him, Sleepy Joe is letting his brain get recharged. He has heard of that knowledge thing and will ask where you get it if he can work out how to say it.

From his governing bench the pointy-eared Foresti the mayor keeps constant vigilance to maintain harmony and benevolence between all.

Around the corner we come to Gnarled Road where the ancient ones live, ever eager to enjoy another day. Here we are greeted by Eldar the Elf.

Just beyond is Francis of Assisi who found that simplicity keeps us in touch with all creatures as brother and sister.

On the other side of the road we find the Christmas Elves; Chris. Kirsten and Christen. They are carrying gifts: treats, trees, games and foods for you. “It is in giving that we receive,” Francis reminds us.

At the end of Gnarled Road we find the gnawed retirement home where we find Grandpa Happy, Grandpa Dopey, Grandpa Doc and Grandpa Bashful, (Notice they do not use WiFi but get Snail Mail).

Returning around to the front we are welcomed to the Genome Guesthouse by Sigmund Fjord who will ask you about your dreams.

Also out front is the creative groundskeeper Handy Hank with a happy stone daisy growing up from these hardy roots.

Inside we find the happy couple Olaf and Olga [27], with Uncle Uffdah holding Orley. None of them could be prouder.

Leaning against the steel posts without a care in the world is Uncle Kevin enjoying a visiting butterfly, whose movements fascinate little children.

In the next room we find two couples – you will note there are not many married folk in Gnomeville. The first couple are Throg and Huldra these trolls are always eager to dance to the music, while always making sure their tails don’t get in the way.

There nestled among the roots of pine trees are our next couple, Hans and Greta. They wander often together, sometimes getting lost because they are always eyeing each other.

Also accommodated along this way is Two Elves one of those fans who helped the Seahawks win the Superbowl.

 In the last residence away from everyone else is an old Viking, better known as Modi, named after the son of Thor and whose name means anger.

Out in the shop we find Guisepi and ET planning their next project.

On the other side of the house we have Nisse and Vladimir . In their bright red hats, they attack people driving by and invite them to stop in for a visit to Gnomeville.

 In the winter Little Miss Muffet and Little Boy Blue go south and Frosty and Rudolph are on the bridge to welcome visitors,

unless the North Winds bring a white coat to decorate Gnomeville.

Hi Adrian, I think the folks of Gnomeville originally came from Gudvangen, Norway. You may recognise some of them. May they be a delight to you and Heidi. Some day you may be able to come and visit Gnomeville. Be well – Larry.


Oh thank you ever so you two, this is great fun, quite magical. We all thank you for the visit.

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The Story of Thanksgiving that you thought you knew

Thanksgiving, made possible by only one word…

By only one man.

Those pilgrims they landed they tried and they struggled. Nothing worked. They really suffered. Nothing grew, all the seasons were wrong. They came down with all of the things that were just like at home but different, different enough to do them real harm. They even tried hunting, but even that was other than they had known. This was a new country where God had made things other than they had believed would be possible. As many laid sick and indeed dying, they gave it one more try. A small band went out looking for game and they met with something totally unexpected. This is the word. This is the message. America (Americas) listen. This is the word. “Welcome.” This is what they heard.

How could that small band of travelling originals know one word of English, “Welcome” but they did so. They cautiously walked towards the struggling settlers and spoke the one word of English they knew “Welcome” all this way from the homeland.

This was the moment which gave the Americas English. This is the reason that as new settlers arrived they heard English. All along the coasts were settlements where it was the language and new arrivals from Germany, Poland, Spain, The Ukraine, from the known world heard and adapted.

This was the word of Squanto.

For that welcoming band (that small ‘nation’) led the poor settlers to another tribe but their own. They took them to a ‘nation’ where Squanto lived.

It was Squanto who took them in, who travelled with them, who settled with them for a while. He taught them how life was different here. They gathered seeds because of him. They learned the lore. The lore of this land the Americas. And they thrived.

In years to come, they would be all along the coast, coastal settlement to coastal settlement; welcoming the new arrivals in English, just like the tribal band before them, “Welcome” “Welcome” “Welcome”

This was the doing of one person, one person on this earth; Squanto.

Many, many years before, other strangers had come, they had come to take, and they took him. Squanto the slave had to work; had to work on an alien vessel, doing alien things. Hard they treated him, and hard he worked. Then came the time that they traded him. To yet another alien vessel, in an alien world, at an alien port.

From there he sailed with this new crew to another world. To a port, as he learned they called them. To the port of London. More beings in one glimpse than he had ever seen in his life.

But he saw his life ahead of him and he jumped ship. He left. He escaped. He survived. He learned the language. English.

Time went by and he had what he needed to know. The ships that landed here could go anywhere. So he asked and he asked, and one of these ships said yes. The captain agreed, yes he was going to the ‘new’ world and yes he would employ him.

All Squanto required in payment was nourishment. Nourishment and hope.

The journey was long. And it was hard.

The shore, at last, was before him. The captain was true to his word. Squanto was free.

He was not bitter. He had learned. And he knew one word more than any other.

Long was his walk, it took him years, but he got down that coast, till he started to recognise where he was…

And was he welcomed, he who had come back from the dead, all these years gone.

As an older wiser man, he taught all around him. The only way to survive in this ‘new’ larger world was to welcome. To welcome.
He taught this word to all who came near him.

And those settlers, all those years onwards were welcome.

All along the coast of the Americas his one true word echoed. “Welcome.” “Welcome.” “Welcome.”


Be thankful and be welcoming.

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For this is Thanksgiving.



Happy Birthday Lars Magnar


Lines of power lance the air

Pierce the essence of you

Lars Magnar is calling

From somewhere

To a place I cannot describe

So we are timeless

Tip your treasured runes

Devine a line of happenstance

Now quadrilate a statement

A patterned plan of self

The new you

We are learning how to state


We are going to a place

World leading to reality point

Lars Magnar has taught us

We are ready


We scream out our fate

                      Adrian Skald to the Chieftain

Way of Living – Words of our Viking Chieftain turned to a poem by his Skald.

Way of Living – From our Viking Chieftain

We have our land. We go raid no more. We here have plenty. Do not take like before.
In our hearts we are Viking. People of Iron. In our town we are Viking. Viking Town.
Shipbuilders come here. In iron nailed hulls. Bringing sightseers to us. They help at the sculls.
Season by season. The world comes stay here. The reason is Vikings. They hold us dear.
Our chieftain welcomes. His word is enough. We stay just as strong. Strong of love.
Chieftain he speaks. “Piracy is gone.” “No need to go plunder” Being here is strong.
Warriors a plenty. No need of an army. You come to us. We have no enemy.
All here are welcome. Whoever the world will bring. All here are welcome. Except the unwelcoming.
Come join in the building. The building of kinships. The skill and the interest. This town equips.
Ancient crafts abide. Use needle and hammer. Clothe us, shod us. Be potter, be carver.
As you sit you are of us. Viking by fire. Cook, drink discover. Be thirsty, aspire.
Remember to believe. Believe in your heart. We have games to share. Here we shall start.
Be in his team. Tell stories that last. Live here in the now. We bring you the past.

Adrian Spendlow – from the words of my chieftain
(NB the R in iron is silent)

Dedicated to Njardarheimr Viking Town in Gudvangen, Norway.

(Check before visiting for opening hours over this winter.)

Just creating a poem and a blog for it can take quite a while to bring about…

For sale on Bandcamp my amusing yet informative history of the Itchin bridge.


For sale on Amazon my very first book, The Cakes and Tea Collection – a mix of short stories and poetry.

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When grazing birds fly

When grazing birds fly

As I write I feel as if I am making this all up, for there in our patch we call the wild garden stand the tall decorative grasses which are now filled with dried seeds. Sparrows, or spuggies as my fellow Yorkshire-folk might call them, land in what appear to be their zillions. Each one lands upon the lawn below one of the tall grass stems. It then flies straight up to grasp the head of grass which is full of seeds. The weight of the little sparrow causes the grass to bend into a loop so the sparrow is practically upside down, clinging on and eating. When the sparrow is done it raises it wings and lets go. The grass springs back to its tall position and this is enough to catapult the sparrow into a rising loop. The little bird uses its wings to slow its descent, almost like a humming bird, or a base jumper. The impression to me as I view through the bedroom window is that it is on an invisible big dipper. Then there is the landing. The other main feature of the wild area currently is a great load of the beautiful Golden Rod. It too is full of seeds causing them to bend. They form an intertwined hanging bed. The bounding sparrow then lands upon this golden bed and bounces, up and down, up and down quite a few times, as if upon a trampoline. Look there goes another one.  

Even a simple blog can take half a day to put together…

For sale on Bandcamp my amusing yet informative history of the Itchin bridge.


For sale on Amazon my very first book, The Cakes and Tea Collection – a mix of short stories and poetry.

On the US Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08FP5NLLK

On the UK Amazon – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08FP5NLLK

(Also available on Kindle)

Supporters Club; Dwayne, Adam, Sharon, Sigrun, Holly, Georg, Carol, Connie, Sarah, Spee 69, Oyvind, Ginny, Maureen, Sylvia, Lillian, Margaret, Pam, Lucy, Michelle, Obie, Alda Raven and Heather.

My DIY Indie-publishing self-help guide for audio and printed matter

My DIY Indie-publishing self-help guide for audio and printed matter

Yes this is my DIY Indie-publishing self-help guide for audio and printed matter. I don’t know anything. I am trying to find out. Heidi says this is my Research Progression. I am taking you with me on a journey. A journey to the end of the blog. It is my hope that by we get down there to the bottom of blog we will have learned a great deal. You and I are on a journey of discovery together.

I have started already. My first step was to enquire of the hive mind. I asked my friends. I posted on social media and I got responses. Tons of suggestions, examples and encouragements. I have even started to collate them. I have no idea what most of their suggestions mean.

It is a sort of DIM blog = Do It Myself

Let’s find out.

Working titles seemed a good start. So I have put everything in lists according to what I think they are. What they are used for. Tips in sections.

It gets better and better as it goes along!

Here we go.


Yes I have got previous! I am published.

What is ‘being published?’ As I understand it the meaning is really just ‘made available’. Something created for others to absorb.

Therefor I have dozens of books. At one time I created a small book for every show I did and for every project. So out there somewhere are copies of dozens of little books.

Here is the Poetry Pirates Publication I did.

I might re-release that via Amazon, or possibly on adrianspendlowblog.com or 


That would be published. I am starting to think that publishing has evolved. There is a whole new way and the new way is hybrid. The indie-publisher can utilise a whole host of presentations and formats it seems.

There are five years of my blog out there and there are indeed ways for such to earn income.

I understand that the same can be said of YouTube. That I am less sure about.

I will look into both as I go along with this.

Amazon of course will also be looked at. It was my first thought when it came to getting books and comic books out there. (Maybe audio too I don’t know yet.)

Many years back Ure Poetry Press published a collection of my poetry; I guess it is long sold out.

My double CD Anvari’s Gold sold well for several years, perhaps I ought to see if I could get a copy to re-release.


I have primary targets however:

The Boat Rises, an audio show with a Viking theme is being edited for release as we speak.

Steam Tales is written and partly illustrated and ready for formatting.

Here is a gathering of images I may be using…


Then illustration sourcing for this poem


Here is one of my drafts…

Draft example for the Artist

The Viking Comics Inc. blog The Hammer Flies is a collaborative arts project and I would like to release it as a scrolling feature.

The Hammer Flies


There will also be an audio book with scrolling images of Alda Raven’s Gods Bless Ya! Music and story presentation with images from Sigrun.co.uk

Look for Viking Sisters on YouTube.

Listen to Alda here…

See Sigrun’s fashions here…

As advertised by me…

Sigrun and I are also working on a photo book of goddesses from the Norse beliefs.

I am also co-writing an album with Alda.

Project pages

Following the developments of this blog I will be creating a project plan for each publication.

Seeking advice

This whole blog is developed from the advice of friends who are collaborative colleagues. I will learn from them all as I write.

You too can get in touch. Message me on Facebook (I am the only Adrian Spendlow in the world according to FB).

Promotion and Sales bits


Let’s see.

My blog is set up to make money. I get a percentage of the revenue from ads. More on this below.


I am now set up to receive donations so people can show their appreciation for my creative efforts and send me a small amount of money. I just ask for $3 then people can click it whenever they feel. I am very glad and grateful that this brings in support.

I’ve just discovered that I can also add this sort of feature as a widget IE it will appear at the side or below the blog etc. To add a widget, go to My Sites/Design/ Customize/menu/Widgets

As for other bits:

You can add a block ‘Recommend a friend’ to your posts –


You can set up a premium content email so people can sub to get regular extras. That sounds like a lot of work. I need to keep getting stuff on to my blog to keep up the interest, without holding stuff back.  Guess it might be worth it if you have a huge following and are A list or something.

You can now get credit card and PayPal payments. You can sell stuff and post it, sell downloads, you can offer services (?) – I suppose I could get paid for a gig that way, I suppose. WordPress don’t charge for this – PayPal does as normal.

I have just asked the help chat and under my premium plan I can send downloads personally through email once they have paid, and I can post books etc. There isn’t a download service available to me at present though.

To connect with a site which sells the book or download for me it seems I need a WP business plan. So sales will have to be high enough to fit with a sizeable monthly payment for the business plan.

They also have WooCommerce an online store service, so you can set up shop and sell, post and receive payments for goods globally. (Downloads happen automatically as they check out.)

I will wait till I am selling loads more I think.

The selling and posting and emailing options might be for me as soon as I have the products ready. Might be.

As with many services if you are already selling loads it is worth taking up their selling service, but you are doing OK without it by then,

I need to look at using WordPress as a website as well as a blog, so they link together. More on that in the future.

Yes I said I would talk on revenue from ads. The donations block works well for me. The revenue comes from the number of clicks through on adverts on the blog, so the more followers / readers the more you earn.

I am happy with this but am hoping for a nice break which gets me attention.

I recall Bjørn telling me a few years back that his blog had been featured on a Viking sales website and he got a quarter of a million hits in one day. That’s the sort of thing you want to happen. I guess he has even more followers now.

Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen – https://bull-hansen.com/

Bjørn also does well as a YouTuber, so I thought I would have a look at that.

YouTube – I am just not popular.

To be eligible to apply I will need another nine thousand plus subscribers and another thirty thousand for a full package.

I don’t think I will be selling product for quite a while, and getting kick-backs from views is way way off.

Unless you recommend me to all your friends.

Yes you.

I tell you what I like about YouTube. It is easy. Anyone can make a film on their phone and post it up there. Anyone. That’s why you find it hard to get the numbers up. No, the benefit. The thing I really like is that they are easy to upload on there and easy to link to. So, if I put a link on, say, WordPress, not only is it easy, but when the reader of my blog looks there it is well displayed. When they click to watch and listen it doesn’t take them away from my blog. They watch it on my blog.

WordPress could learn from this. I can’t see a way to link to one of my other blogs without being taken away from this one.

YouTube could do to have the creative donation button option like what WordPress has now.



I am going to talk about the use of Facebook below so it only seems right that I mention other social networking sites. After all I am looking for places to develop my market. I don’t quite get though, how a social networking site can market itself as giving you masses of privacy. I want to share my information. I want to network. I want to be out there. More than that, I want to know about you. What have you got to hide? I don’t trust you if you don’t share. You might not even be real.

I will give it a try though.


Social networking (as well as being super fun and a great way to keep in touch) is real good for getting your blog out there. I get far more response from posting my blog on my Facebook than any other outlet.

People help me create content. It is ever so rewarding to create collaborative content.

Blogs such as my one on Viking shields are a masterpiece of teamwork.


The latest collab is on Viking food…


Blogging a bit more

Problogger seems to have ways to capitalise on a blog.


One thing they talk of is Indirect Income. If we are looking at income rather than creative outlet, this is where I benefit from blogging the most. It gets me out there and people notice and pass me about. I would not be performing in America if it were not for my blog.


I mention sharing to Facebook. When I hit publish on my blog it automatically shares to other places IE Linkedin.

I don’t auto-share to Facebook though. It always looks wrong. I manually share it by copying the link into a post and writing what I want t to say.

I can then go on to share to other people or to groups.

Blogspot / blogger

Now several people tell me you do better with Blogspot. Traffic builds faster so you get more revenue. That’s what people tell me.

Most say you need a website too.

I might start posting my WordPress blog to Blogspot too?

Anyway that’s enough about blogging



Sound cloud is for music. I wonder if I should cut my audio drama into tracks and put them on there? Once you are on Premier and have applied to be monetized you can earn income from listens. I guess you have to work hard to get them listener numbers up. So it’s for the future. (They do feature spoken word)


You sign up for a TuneCore account and you can get your music on there and get revenue. It lists spoken word stuff too.

There’s another way to do it. See Spee Six Nine’s feedback in the Distrokid section below.


Same as Spotify. Go through TuneCore. You can get spoken word on there too


This is a set up that allows you to earn money from ads on your website. It can also be used for blogs and apparently for YouTube. I guess that last one depends on numbers of subscribers too.

The above are ways to promote what you have. Now let’s see about getting that stuff you have available to the reader / listener.

(They are all about giving it away and hoping for revenue I guess too, Building an audience for that company’s outlet)

We are all tools on the promotional environment of this world we live in. Check your stats, check your stats.

Publishers and outlets

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing – I think this the big hit for me, but I will work through the other stuff first.


Alda Raven and I are working on an audio-book of Gods Bless Ya! with slide-show images of models from Sigrun.co.uk – As soon as it is complete Alda plans to sell it to Netflix.

I will save results on that to a further blog.

Gramey of GSmithMedia


had a few suggestions to make. One of which was that to arrange a download to sell you could set it up on one of your webpages, but do not link the page to any of your other pages. Then it cannot be accessed without the address. Then you send the link.

Ah, here’s a thought. This might be a good way to present a manuscript or a pdf version of a book you want to move from print on demand to a print-based publisher.

Freebie extras too.

Ingram Spark


Sharon of Dryad Publishing pointed me in the direction of Ingram Spark. I have had a look and you can publish through them for print on demand and kindle for a current fee of $49.

They also do a distribution service, but I haven’t looked into that yet. Apparently they will get it in bookstores.

Please be aware I hear they will avoid books already published for print on demand with others such as Amazon. So look into them first before going ahead with Amazon.

There is tons of information on their site. Indeed you can download the whole self-publishing guide for free.

They distribute via Amazon, Apple, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble.

I haven’t looked any of them up yet. I will get on to it lower down.


Books need an ISBN – a number on the back of the book.

I understand that if you publish through Amazon or Ingram Spark you get one free, but it is only of use through them.

Otherwise you will have to buy an ISBN.

If you want your book to be available in bricks-and-mortar bookstores, you’ll need a barcode in addition to your ISBN. Some ISBN services sell barcodes, as well as ISBNs, but you can use Ingram Spark’s book cover template generator to get a free barcode.

ISBNs are sold by country: In the U.S., ISBNs can be purchased from Bowker directly through your Ingram Spark account for $85 each. You can also buy a block of ten ISBNs from Bowker for $295. In the UK, you can buy them from Nielsen Book, while Canadian publishers get ISBNs for free. A full list of ISBN distributors can be found on the International ISBN Agency’s Website.


Something to consider with regards to ISBN and print is merchandising. Are you going to be doing readings or performances? Then you will want copies to sell. Do you plummet in now and get the bought ISBN and maybe the bar code too or do you get published with a print on demand set up and then move on later?

A sea of self-publishing

I contacted Sharon Emery of Dryad Publishing for further info and her response to my project was, “That is fantastic, such a generous blog project!”


You have to get with the right agency for you. There are lots of organisations offering help. They vary from super encouraging and offering to pay for absolutely everything – Ah sorry that is only in Canada!

The other extreme is vanity publishers who just want your money apparently.

You want one who will work alongside you, ‘doing for’ when needed, supporting your actions when you are capable.

There are a vast number of self-publishing organisations out there, you will have seen. So I understand.

Sharon has in the past been to the Self-Publishing Conference in Leicester – They come under the umbrella of Troubadour who are maybe the best.


“It is very exciting and motivating and worth attending.”


Sharon also says, ‘I would definitely recommend the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), which is a professional organisation and worth being associated with.’

Apparently – ‘They have a fantastic directory which you can download, so any service which isn’t in your skillset you can outsource, knowing it’s reputable’:

Sounds good.

Membership is around $119 per annum n doofers all sorts of independent support and guidance. I will look at joining once I have finished this blog for you.

I kinda love that auto correct blooper, but of course it should have read *and offers

(Once you are a member you can access that Approved Services Directory – and maybe even get yourself in it if you offer a service.)


Then there is a recommendation of Fiverr – Sharon seemed to think I would have heard of them, so perhaps you already have.

‘For the cheaper version of any service you might need, proofreading, formatting, book design etc, there is Fiverr.com, which you will have heard of.’


I searched it for proofreading and editing and got over 30,000 ads for people who work cheap. $5 to $100 a time. I am unsure how you know to trust and respect a freelancer from an online ad, but as Sharon says, ‘If money is tight, it’s a great option’.

Dryad Publishing

Dryad Publishing look very impressive, ‘Preparational Development’ seems to be their strongest skill. They are great at chatting it through in one on one emails, to help you decide.

They have some interesting projects, both published and forthcoming too.

Write Your Story

The Creative Writing Facilitation arm of Dryad Publishing.


Back to those ISBN

Bowker seem to be the place for ISBN and bar codes of you are in the USA.

$18.99 for one and cheaper for larger numbers.

The Nielsen ISBN Agency for UK & Ireland

They supply the British and Irish market. One ISBN is £89 and ten are £164. Bar codes are £15 each.


International ISBN Agency’s Website

If you are not in the USA or Britain or Ireland then check through this site for a relevant ISBN.


Apple books

A picture of apples

I had a quick look and you go through Pages. It prefers you to use an Apple device it seems but you can load up through icloud online. The first thing I saw was that you have to have a US tax ID. If you don’t have one it doesn’t seem to be any good for you. I went through the ‘how to’ process and it didn’t tell me anything about what will happen to it once it is published and more importantly it didn’t tell me what the financial deal was. I don’t want to publish and find out the cost afterwards.

If you want to look into it further then here is a ‘how to’ link from a separate site.

Ah, this says you have to have a Mac. I wonder if you have to have a Mac to get the books as well. As I read this it makes it clear that Apple Books is about eBooks. The Apple Books site didn’t tell me that. I believe this whole AB thing is a bit smelly.

I do read on here that Apple Books is very popular for publishing audio books. So it might be worth me going back to it at a later date once I am rolling with my Audio stuff. I will be very cautious if I do.

Your eBook would end up available in iTunes in the books section. It is good to know there is a books section in iTunes. I will need to look at that too.



It looks like a fairly easy way to get your book up as an eBook. They are not exclusive so you can publish elsewhere. They get it in lots of online stores. They focus on making it sound easy, so I didn’t seem to be able to sort out how much they take until I had leapt into the process.

Barnes & Noble


Like Kobo above the focus is on being a bookstore, you have to scroll right down to get to publishing your book. It also is not exclusive, which is good. They show you the costs. Expect about $3.00 royalties on an average price book (That is my wild guesstimate, look on their site for proper details). They do print on demand.

Might be worth a go.


According to Dryad Publishing there is a ton of useful information on the Reedsy site.

First thing is a pop up offering a free download guide to marketing.

But yes, it is a great set of blogs. Loads of useful.




OK I might need help here. I look at the site and it tells me I can make videos, podcasts, music all sorts and then I get a following. People subscribe to my monthly outlet. It looks easy enough to set up. Trouble is I can’t see any of them. I can see the idea. I can see an invitation to become involved. I can’t see any of the videos, podcasts anything. Where does it go out to? I don’t get it.



This looks easy to set up. It seems people listen to them. It gets syndicated to iTunes so you get people buying into it I think. You then get subscribers. So I guess it could earn money.

Podcasts are basically episodes of chat or spoken word. I think my audio show would be too long, unless I cut it into episodes. Even then it would not be quite the right place.


That’s it I’ve done it. I’ve signed up to Bandcamp. I have put a spoken word piece up there. It is only $2 too!



I posted up the first recording I found on my laptop just to see. It was this quirky unusual piece.

It was a practice to see if I could handle it.

I then went in stats and it said I had one fan. So I messaged them. I got an email, I had welcomed myself.

So I have more to learn.

You need to be a follower to be able to get other people’s music.

It was easy to get started. I think I will improve as I go. I didn’t have artwork ready. I haven’t done a bio. I found sharing it to other sites and networks had a few teething problems which could have been made easier for me.

I will definitely be using it. Whether it is the place for my audio-show I am still unsure.

It is fine for spoken word stuff so that is a plus.

Might there be better ways of getting an audio drama out there though.

There are size limitations. This is not a problem for music generally. Audio books are longer though.

The limit is 291mb per track going up to 600mb which is plenty for a music track. I will have to rethink for the audio though. If I am putting The Boat Rises feature-length Viking drama up there I will need to have it cut into tracks.

It is a two-hour show so it is probably going to be about 900mb.

There is no limit to the size of an album, just the tracks within it.

I found out about Pro once I was started. It is $10 a month.

You get better stats. You can add video to your tracks. You can upload stuff in batches rather than one track at a time. There is other stuff including private streaming (I may be wrong but I think that means you can’t stream someone’s music to listen to it without buying it, otherwise it’s an option).

This sounds the way to go once you are making enough sales.


In their ‘About Us’ it says – Bandcamp’s mission is to create the best possible service for artists and labels to share and earn money from their music, and for fans to discover and enjoy it.

We believe that music is an indispensable part of culture, and for that culture to thrive, artists—no matter the size of their audience—must be compensated fairly and transparently for their work. Without this belief, our mission would be meaningless, and it’s why we’ve built our business around a model that puts the artist first.

When you buy something on Bandcamp, whether it’s digital music, vinyl, or a t-shirt, ticket or cassette, 80-85% of your money goes to the artist, and we pay out daily. The remainder goes to payment processor fees and Bandcamp’s revenue share, which is 10-15% on digital items, and 10% on physical goods.

Sounds workable – if you work at it. Or are very very popular.

Olivia Graham tells me she also uses Bandcamp and is about to add more tracks…



A good pointer for Audio publishing.

Spee Six Nine got in touch about Distrokid among other things.

Here is a track from Spee and a link to his channel on YouTube…


Spee has an interesting approach to getting music out there. He has got his sounds available anywhere possible, then revenue and followers come in from all-sorts of angles.

He does Bandcamp where people can buy his stuff directly.


You have to use the platforms.

“I use a company called Distrokid and they get all my music on sites like Apple Music and Spotify.”

Most platforms it works out around a pound from about a thousand streams.

Spee tells me it is £30 per year and they get you out there.

I had a look – https://distrokid.com/

DistroKid get music into Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Tidal, TikTok, YouTube, Apple Music, Pandora, Instagram, YouTube, iHeartRadio, Deezer, plus a ton of other stores & streaming services.. I haven’t yet looked up Tidal or TikTok etc, but maybe I don’t need to if I join up to Distrokid. I still need to know if they deal with spoken word.

They don’t take a cut from sales. The intro says pay just $19.99.

This guy below got his spoken word stuff on Distro apparently – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xj_k1_SEzOA

As for me – I am thinking of ways to promote my audio-show, the Viking drama, so I checked on length limitations for distro; this is what I found – ‘The maximum size that DistroKid will accept is 250MB. If you have a track that’s larger than that, consider converting it to FLAC format before uploading to DistroKid. FLAC is a beautiful, lossless format (same audio quality as WAV) but the files are relatively small’.

(DistroKid says they have limitation to the maximum length in minutes that a track can be, but that seems to conflict with the above.)

Apparently FLAC format drastically reduces size without limiting quality. I will give it a try. Even so I am probably still looking at cutting the show into tracks.


“Like I said, most of my cash from online music comes from a load of random places and I depend on live shows and selling physical copies of my music as much as online.”


Jamie tells me they are great for free footage. He has made some great videos using their services. I will have a look for an example.



Well respected author, (and good friend), Carol MacAllister says, “The only DIY publishing that I suggest people use is Book Baby. They are wonderful to work with and take care of every facet you want to basically pay for. The cost is quite manageable.”


Two of her books are through BookBaby; the excellent poetry collection RIPASSO, and a book which stays in my mind long after reading – MAYAN CALENDAR REVEAL.

Another publication from Carol…


Am just looking now, it seems they focus on printed books rather than print on demand, and, as Carol says, they are good at marketing.

You get good advice and you can have a one-off copy printed and sent to you for $39 so you can see if you have done right.

Ah hang on, they say, “We are one of the only companies around that covers all your needs – eBooks, printed books, Print On Demand, global distribution, direct-to-reader sales, as well as design and creative services, plus marketing help.”

I popped in details of a mid-sized book with 25 printed copies and all the other goodies that are part of the package and it was around $800.

Another service Carol used came out well but didn’t do the all important follow up of marketing.

She has heard good of Amazon from other writers and she also says there is nothing wrong with building a book yourself.

DIY – Very handy to make books to hand out or to send as manuscripts, there might even be better full colour options. Speciality artwork books with a higher price may be worth making yourself too.    


Back to audio drama, I need to look into selling to radio stations. I think I will go for the hybrid publishing angle IE getting it out there for sale and also offering it to radio stations.

I came across this site –  https://radio-locator.com/

And this one for US Radio and other media – http://archive.mrc.org/MediaAddresses/mediaaddresses.asp

There must be agents out there for radio drama work.

Selling Audio CDs

Both of these sell CDs (an dshould sell downloads)…


Gramey of GSmithMedia recommends Opus –


It looks a really interesting project, might be worth checking out.

And Vimeo


Ah, that one is a video chat platform.

Dover Publishing


Carol recommend them especially for my Steam Tales publication.

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing


This is the big one. All pointers point this way (for written word publications).

Dryad Publishing have had good experiences with them.

Sigrun.co.uk publish through Amazon too.

But I see she has also built a sales website with the help of Shopify. It looks very good quality. I haven’t looked into how Shopify works, I will find a link though.

Adrian on Amazon

I feel really guilty. I shouldn’t, it is downright silly, but I am writing this as I learn. Typing as I go. So, when I got stuck on publishing on Amazon I felt like I had held you all up.

I am going for it with Amazon KDP. I am putting books out there with it. It is hard work though. I guess by the second attempt it will be easier.

It does seem a bit silly of me because it is all laid out for you. Lots of information, plus the dubious claim that you can get a book up for sale in five minutes flat. I am at a week now and still working.

Stuff is here and there. Now looking back I can see how it can flow along nicely. I didn’t know where I was a few times. I downloaded the ‘how to’ for creating your book in Word. There is lots to it. All the time I was doing it I was unsure whether I should put the text in first then do the formatting or the other way round. So I was wondering if I was wasting my time all along. I was.

I then discovered the templates. So doing it step by step had been a waste of time. It was after I had been working with templates (with quite a few struggles) that I discovered that it was handy to click Bookshelf. That is where you put your books as you are building them and once they are ready too.

The template had a few quirky quirbles too.

Why do I think it is the way forward? Amazon is where you think of books being. It is where people look. I also do think I will get the hang of it.

I think I will sell well. When you look at it you can’t tell the difference between a book someone did themselves (if I work hard at professionalism) and one by a major publisher.

I am currently stuck on covers. I am about to buy a PDF maker and am unsure which one. Also do you pay monthly like for ever, or do you buy one as a one off?

I got past all those hurdles and got the book out. It is so pleasing the feedback and responses. People with a fond connection, either who I am in touch with all the time, or those it is wonderful to be back in touch with. Thank you all, for not just buying the book, but for letting me know all about it.

I have started a Supporters Club. If you have bought my single, my book on paper or kindle or if you have donated to my blog your name goes in. There it is at the bottom of every blog. Thank you all.


I then looked at Kindle. I had a few unsure moments, but I got through them, IE when it asked for a cover do I put in the front and back type cover I used for the book? Or do I cut it to just a front? If so how big? Once I post it up can I change it? I didn’t really get any answers but I went for it and managed OK. (It is front only.)

As I was setting it up on Kindle I discovered that if you do Kindle first it is easy to then convert it to a book. I would have liked to have known that first.

Anyone who has used Amazon to publish will look at my comments and think what is he on about it all flows easy. The information is all there but it isn’t easy to go along a steady path. Once you’ve done it you forget. So get to it and crack on I say.

Do a practice book like I did. It really surprised me how popular it has become.

Now I can crack on with Steam Tales – plus several other books I have in the pipeline.

Now to master adding footnotes.

Oh and finding a cover picture.

Authors Abroad

Once you are published try Authors Abroad to get you loads of performance work.  Guess you will sell books while you are there.


I am looking forward to feedback and further help for us all. Thank you for being part of this.

Even a simple blog can take half a day to put together, this one took over a week…

For sale on Bandcamp my amusing yet informative history of the Itchin bridge.


For sale on Amazon my very first book, The Cakes and Tea Collection – a mix of short stories and poetry.

On the US Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08FP5NLLK

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Norse Offerings – Njardarheimr, Gudvangen, Norway

Our great Chieftain Georg Hansen and team have developed a sacred area within the Viking Town and people place offerings there.

I have written this poem to inspire.

(I have put a small offering from the above selection in the post and asked Georg to place it upon the alter for me.)

Even a simple blog can take half a day to put together…

For sale on Bandcamp my amusing yet informative history of the Itchin bridge.


For sale on Amazon my very first book, The Cakes and Tea Collection – a mix of short stories and poetry.

On the US Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08FP5NLLK

On the UK Amazon – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08FP5NLLK

Also available on Kindle

Supporters Club; Dwayne, Adam, Sharon, Sigrun, Holly, Georg, Carol, Connie, Sarah, Spee 69, Oyvind, Ginny, Maureen, Sylvia, Lillian, Margaret, Pam, Lucy, Michelle, Obie, and Heather.

Adrian Spendlow – A selection of stories to see and hear – Revisited

Adrian Spendlow – A selection of stories to see and hear

 Beevis and the Dragon – (Pretty sure I’ve spelt it wrong)

 The Folklore of Fossils by Hobb the Ploughboy

Veikko’s Quest – A Finnish folktale


I was inspired to remodel this old tale and soon as I thought of it I got it down, it might be a bit scary so listen to it without kids first).

Old Land – Modelled on a ninth century Irish Ode

Georg and the Dragon – a rework of an old tale with my chieftain’s name replacing the original character, (I dreamed this).

Brynhildr (and Swan Love)

Sigurd and Fafnir

Norse Creation Tale

 Idunn’s apples

Why Americans Speak English

The Walls of Asgard

When the Gods Ran Out of Beer


Rail interview

 Link to Alvis and the Troll

 Prose Poems of the Gods

Storytelling is… – A series of blogs to empower you to tell stories

Link to the read aloud version of Hobb the Ploughboy



For sale on Bandcamp my amusing yet informative history of the Itchin bridge.


For sale on Amazon my very first book, The Cakes and Tea Collection – a mix of short stories and poetry.

On the US Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08FP5NLLK

On the UK Amazon – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08FP5NLLK

Supporters Club; Dwayne, Adam, Sharon, Sigrun, Holly, Carol, Connie, Sarah, Spee 69, Oyvind, Ginny, Maureen, Lillian, Margaret, Pam, Lucy, Michelle, Obie, and Heather.

Living in America Five – Now here is a challenge for you.

Living in America Five – Now here is a challenge for you. It is your turn to send pictures. You all know I have been doing a series of picture blogs of my time in America; unusual things I have spotted that sort of thing. Well, I want you to shape the next blog.

For those who haven’t seen the blogs there are links below, (and the rest of you might enjoy another look too), I seem to make fun of everything, but mainly I make fun of my own exaggerated ignorance and funny way of seeing the world.

Send me interesting pictures from throughout the Americas. Let me know what you think about them, and the blog series will go wide open.

This time it is you!

Private message me on Facebook or email me adrianspendlow@gmail.com

(Keep it family friendly and quirky.)

Captions and stories make the thing.

Click a link…

Living in America

Living in American two

Living in America three

Living in Americas Four

Editor has the final word (Professor H Sherman please note).

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Just a simple blog can take me a few days to put together, please do encourage me by clicking the donation button.

For sale on Bandcamp my amusing yet informative history of the Itchin bridge.


For sale on Amazon my very first book, The Cakes and Tea Collection – a mix of short stories and poetry.

On the US Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08FP5NLLK

On the UK Amazon – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08FP5NLLK

Supporters Club; Dwayne, Adam, Sharon, Sigrun, Holly, Carol, Connie, Spee 69, Oyvind, Ginny, Maureen, Lillian, Margaret, Pam, Lucy, Michelle, Sarah, Obie, and Heather.

A Special Feature for the Friends of UW Green Bay Viking House

You all are welcome to enjoy this blog which I hope will bring many of you to go and click to be a friend of our wonderful project.

Click and like – https://www.facebook.com/UWGBVikingHouse

Keep scrolling down here for all the fun movies.

Those of you who are already ‘following’ and may have been to events in the past will be pleased to see here a gathering of films and photos of our progress at the house.

Things are Happening at the Viking House.

This beautiful place has been awaiting us for so long. Many have asked and are interested in being actively involved. Of course the world has been in lock-down and the house is a very small part of that.

It is the time to start looking at what we can do to re-celebrate the place; to tidy and renovate and to decorate. We wish also to be able have things happen there.

What is the Viking house? There is a whole series of films and photos here in this blog about our house and our plans. Let us tell you now though that it is a rebuild of a house from that age and is in the grounds of UWGB. The university in Green Bay, Wisconsin is the home of this great feature. The ‘Jarldress’ or perhaps keeper of the house is Professor Heidi Sherman who is head of history for UWGB.

When I say that she is responsible we are talking about a budget-free situation. So anything that happens here is down to our Jarldress to make possible. For us to appreciate.

Who am I? And who are the others in the films below? There are lots of groups and individuals who are willing to take part and to arrange events. The three of us in the films below are volunteers.

I missed the house being open over the summer, for as well as wanting to help out, I miss being the storyteller for the house. Here now I can say I am just a volunteer though acting out of good will. I do happen also to be Professor Sherman’s husband which could be seen as an advantage or a disadvantage. We turn to her for guidance, permission and often for funding.

Trodin Hegn (Dwayne) and Di An are two other active participants with exciting hopes for the future.

Dwayne and I

Our Affiliations

Celebrating the Viking house will be timed nicely with the making of shields. Trodin is making shields for decoration.

Sigourney has designed a UWGB Shield image and we hope to be taking her two of Dwayne’s shields for painting. One with her design, and one with Dwayne’s (Trodin’s) own personal image (Sigourney will this be OK and fit in with your plans? – I would also love to see your other Viking design idea and see if we can use them in some way).

Dwayne and I have plans to invite gifts of shields and flags etc to show affiliations.

Njardarheimr Viking Town, Gudvangen, Norway

A Presentation Day will invite people to visit and make a gift as they walk through. This could be a decoration for the Hall made specially for the day or a ‘blessing token’ selected on the day.

We will have selection of tokens to pick from; simple things such as stones, beads and feathers and we would be glad to hear from people who wish to make or offer decorations suitable for the Viking ages such as tablet weavings or utensils. While arranged outside folks can talk about the donations and the work of others.

There are of course severe restrictions and we will plan within these. IE masks must be worn, people must gather with six feet apart in the area of the Viking house and then parade through the hall slowly with a maximum of ten people in there at any one time. This will include the presenters and hopefully a small film crew.

Six feet apart

(Dress for the weather.)

Example of inappropriate attire

This event is planned to take place on Saturday October 3rd A provisional date. from one o’clock onwards. We will publicise once it is confirmed but for now please ‘pencil’ it in and start thinking ahead. Exciting times.

Let us know that you are interested.

As for those affiliations, this will be groups or festivals which we have connections with. We will be glad to hear from you about connections we have with you. To date we are approaching five different groups we have affiliations with.

As Skald to the Chieftain of Njardarheimr Viking Town in Gudvangen, Norway I will be approaching my chieftain (my blood brother) for a flag of the Njardarheimr symbol. No, I will ask now – Dear Georg is it possible that you could arrange us a flag of the town or a banner for the town for our display? I will be glad to pay if needs be.

Da Boss

I am also a member of The British association The Vikings through their group at York University; Vanaheimr. I am a member of this dynamic group from the university and will be asking them for a flag or banner for us to display. I will ask them now too. Dear Jarl please could you arrange a symbol of our affiliations?

I serve Vanaheimr

I say hi to Tim Jorgenson of Viking Connections, the coordinator of Viking events for The Historical and Cultural Society for Clay County.

Tim I am pleased you are ‘cogitating’ upon the idea of sending us an affiliation item. We will be displaying our pride in connection with River Ravens upon our hall walls in the near future I hope.

I interviewed Tim for a project I was involved in prior to the Covid catastrophe. Here is the interview. Although almost everything was cancelled for all of us in 2020 I am hoping that most of the things mentioned will reappear in a new guise in 2021.

Stop Press – I’ve chatted to Tim and we are saving a space for a shield and he will be making us one especially later in the year.

Hello Adrian,

My present title is “Director of Viking Connection,” although I’m also known as a general coordinator of various Viking events in our region, as well as a hobbyist blacksmith and woodworker. Viking Connection (www.vikingconnection.org) is an outreach program run by the Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County, Minnesota (HCSCC).  We are housed in the Hjemkomst Center, in Moorhead, home of the Gokstad Viking ship replica Hjemkomst, that sailed to Norway in 1982. HCSCC also interprets a Hopperstad Stave Church replica, a reconstruction of the Viking-Age stavkirke still standing in Vik, Norway. Viking Connection is a natural extension of HCSCC’s on-going work to preserve and present Viking-Age folk art in the Midwest.

We invite artists specializing in the Viking Age crafts of Scandinavia to teach and tour in the states of ND, SD, MN, IA, WI, and the UP of MI. We also offer an apprenticeship program to send dedicated students from the Midwest to study their chosen craft with a master artist in Scandinavia. Lastly, we offer a database of international artists interested in networking with each other.

Together with fellow Minnesotan, Kyle Jameson, we started a Viking living history group called, “River Ravens” (www.riverravens.org), largely as a way to have a name for our group when we are hired to provide an encampment, crafts, or entertainment for events in our area. We joined up with UK-based, Regia Anglorum because we really enjoy the authenticity policy they have in place, their research, and their continuous efforts to stay up-to-date with recent archaeological findings. In all, we participate in between 5-10 events annually, the largest being North America’s largest Scandinavian festival, Norsk Høstfest, in Minot, North Dakota.

[Sadly the next paragraph covered plans which were cancelled due to the Covid thing, so I have cut the details, but I am sure there will be another exciting program in 2021 with a Viking skill being brought back to share around festivals and events here. – Ade.]

One of the exciting things to look forward to in 2020, is the Viking Connection apprenticeship. Each year we send a student to Scandinavia to learn from selected artists with the goal of learning new skills or advancing pre-existing skills with a Viking Age craft.

I’m continually being contacted by different organizations interested in creating Viking Age events, or adding a Viking presence to a broader-themed event, so keep an eye on the River Raven’s and VC websites for 2020 opportunities.


Thank you Tim.

Visit the site for The Historical and Cultural Society for Clay County…


Here is the River Ravens site…


We had a wonderful visit to Balagard the Viking age Finland festival in Hancock, Michigan. A great town and a great festival. This is a bi-annual festival so the Covid epidemic probably wont be an effect and then this exciting event will be back in 2021 as planned.

Toby of Balagard was saying to me about the idea of links between groups and how it would be good to have a story linking each shield or item to the group it was from.

I ask now, ‘Hi Toby, can I ask if it is possible to have a shield or item representing your group for our house in Green Bay?’

Here is their FB page – https://www.facebook.com/Balagard-Viking-age-Finland-304102503794434/

The Viking House, University Wisconsin, Green Bay. New era feature.

So yes, my wife Professor Heidi Sherman, as well as being head of history for UWGB, is also the Jarldress for the Viking house. I have never thought of this before, but, wait for it, what does that make me!

Answers on a postcard please.

She has created many events and developments around the house but of course it has all been on hold this year. We are just starting to get the place going again.

There are many who volunteer to help keep the place going and I have been along with a couple of good pals recently to make a start. So here is a feature on the place.


Dwayne is making a shield with his own design on for the display with our collection. We are hoping for donations from other groups and other individuals (you) of samples of their craft.

My groups shield from York University’s Viking group Vanaheimr.

A group planted Hops and I wanted to capture them flourishing so they could see what a good job they had done. Each year they will get more and more prolific.

Raised beds were in lock down.

You can tell the fire pit hasn’t been used in a while.

We need a clear out or a hiding place.

Ideally there shouldn’t be anything modern on view if someone comes to take a photo. The oven needs its cover though to protect all Dwayne’s hard work and we remove it as soon as an activity is preparing.

I can’t wait to get that oven going again and get some cooking done. We are still limited on events of course. Let us look ahead though.

The current wood pile is mainly stuff which was too long for our stove at home, so I guess we will soon get through it and be looking for more.

This is the John

I am thinking we could cut some of the buckthorn to make our little fence out of.

Ah apparently the hawthorn is an invasive so we can cut as much of that as we like.

The box fence is our next project. We are hoping for a bit of help, and to have it finished before the decorations day.

Just down the slope from us is the Frisbee-Golf

The grounds are beautiful

Owen and Elspeth are the lovely couple who made all of this possible.

I haven’t met Harry, but we are all very grateful that he found a way to make a difference to our Viking heritage here at UWGB.

(I would like to know a little more about the cookhouse too)

Maintaining a Viking House can be a Hornet’s nest

We came back again and had a bit of an inspection;


The full team inspection

The Parking situation

UWGB wildlife

After we left today we passed a few Heron, they were standing close to picnickers by the river and I was surprised at how tall they were. I guess at nearly five foot, Dwayne tells me they can reach six foot. The Heron not the Turkeys, or we would be having a good Thanksgiving.

Flax drying will make an interesting addition to the decor.

Then we could process it ready to spin into linen thread.

We have plans for wool too. Insulation.

The return and this time we are equipped.

We needed refreshing.

Refreshments were created by team host Jarldress Sherman

I will catch that frog


Let us be-strim

This is why we were here.

And we got the job done, well Dwayne did.

What’s next boss?

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For sale on Bandcamp my amusing yet informative history of the Itchin bridge.


For sale on Amazon my very first book, The Cakes and Tea Collection – a mix of short stories and poetry.

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Facts & Fiction is a quarterly magazine devoted to the art of oral storytelling. On this page you can find and update events and news between issues.

My blog; some Viking shields – https://adrianspendlowblog.com/2020/03/11/some-viking-shields/

Living in America I