Kiddie Books Reading Suggestions – ‘Buy books!’

Kiddie Books Reading Suggestions – ‘Buy books!’

These are just samples from these wonderful authors.

A few words from me…

Mr Men and the Tooth Fairy

Peppa Goes on Holiday

Mr Happy and the Wizard

pp all

mm wiz back

mm wiz front

mm fairy front

mm fairy back

cheeky me


Brush Moves

To Ocean Waters
To Ocean Waters


If Only God Cares
If Only God Cares
Relax and the Past Haunts
Relax and the Past Haunts
Mississippi Old Days
Mississippi Old Days
Vocational Vacation
Vocational Vacation
Forward to the Past
Forward to the Past
In Ignorance
In Ignorance
Urban Pace
Urban Pace
molten recollection
Molten Recollection
spirit guides
So spirit will guide
Head North
Head North
rebuild by oceans
Rebuild by Oceans
from destruction
From Destruction
warm rain
Warm Rain
Cloud builder
Cloud Builder
beyond storm
Beyond Storm
Mirage of hope
Mirage of Hope
reincarnation again
Reincarnation Again








Your Name in Runes plus the Greatest Hits of my Gudvangen Commentaries

Your Name in Runes plus the Greatest Hits of my Gudvangen Commentaries

And a silent walk around Njardarheimr Viking Town…








Tree – World-tree Blessing

Tree – World-tree Blessing

Listen below


I was actually inspired by the Hungarian mythology, yet saw the tree in ever so many belief systems and even within my own. I hope there is something in this for you.






Adrian Spendlow – A selection of stories to see and hear

Adrian Spendlow – A selection of stories to see and hear

 Beevis and the Dragon – (Pretty sure I’ve spelt it wrong)



 The Folklore of Fossils by Hobb the Ploughboy



Veikko’s Quest – A Finnish folktale




I was inspired to remodel this old tale and soon as I thought of it I got it down, it might be a bit scary so listen to it without kids first).



Old Land – Modelled on a ninth century Irish Ode



Georg and the Dragon – a rework of an old tale with my chiftain’s name replacing the original character, (I dreamed this).



Brynhildr (and Swan Love)


Sigurd and Fafnir


Norse Creation Tale


 Idunn’s apples


Why Americans Speak English


The Walls of Asgard


When the Gods Ran Out of Beer


Rail interview


 Link to Alvis and the Troll

 Prose Poems of the Gods

Storytelling is… – A series of blogs to empower you to tell stories

Link to the read aloud version of Hobb the Ploughboy


Georg and the Dragon – How To Train Your Dragon – Hidden World – Listen Now

Georg and the Dragon – How To Train Your Dragon – Hidden World – Listen Now

I reworked the story of Saint George (in a dream) and now it is about our chieftain at Njardarheimr in Viking Valley in Gudvangen, Norway.

It was for a dragon themed presentation in our Viking town here at Gudvangen for influencers, journalists and bloggers who were celebration the launch of the new televison series of How To Train Your Dragon – Hidden World