Christmas Travels – and our honeymoon footage

Christmas Travels; Scarborough to Bridlington, through Scarborough to Bishop Auckland and on to Cupar, Fife and St Andrews then leaving Scotland to Norway on to London.

The batteries…

This was Thanksgiving but I don’t think I’ve shared my nervous build up and my probable debut as a cough cough singer..

Mum’s ninety third…

The Christmas present from America…

Yes there was a lot of packing…

The famous window display in the famous store Boyes, better known as Boyses, or in Bridlington they call it Boyseses.

I can’t wait for next Christmas.

We had our second Christmas with the big lad, (or was it our third?)…

Then up to Scotland for a sneaky look around Holly’s ornaments, (I bet you have some quality displays too Lucy)…

There was another shelf…

We went a wandering…

Then we heading to St Andrews for a whole series of Grandad Vlogs…

Oh yes I am a Vlogger…

Vlogging every little vlogable spot…

We all vlog together…

Yes thats how us family vloggers roll; together…

We can be described as nothing but Intrepid…

Investigative Discovery

A most interesting highlight…

Looking at things makes us Archaeologists…

Vloggers survive…

A vlogger presents…

We had to leave Scotland…

Back to Yorkshire to do a ghost walk around York for good friends (all I have for you here is a visit to a tea shop)…


We popped home to Scarborough…

Then through the fjords…


Falls fall with the force of a rock fall

We come to the wonderful Njardarheimr…

Virginia sings (a song for the two of us written by her) …

My sings for us…

Vanadis sings…

Our Honeymoon…

Then we headed away – Oy mind out of the way!

Then a stay in Croydon…

Bonus footage section

Christmas wreaths…

Wintering in Scarborough


Wintering in Scarborough – A series of short films…

Scarborough Seafront

Scarborough Sparrows

Ship Storage

Scarborough Steps

Scarborough Apples (I filmed this one for Dwayne)

The Passionomiter

A wander down Scarborough Shops along Eastborough (I filmed this for mum because she cant get up there and she likes to know about what is gone and what is new)

Next I think I will film possible wedding venues for the British wedding.

My favourite ‘shorts’ from 2019

My favourite ‘shorts’ from 2019

Jamie Cooper – When Johnny Cash Saved Christmas

egyptian cat

Scary Faces in the Gravestone

Cheese on Toast

My Jokes for Kids Collection

Peppa Pig and Mr Men Sampler for little ones





People’s Prosperity Pledge

People’s Prosperity Pledge
There have been difficult divisive times, certainly here in Britain, there has been anger, regretted words and despair. I have felt all of these. There is a feeling for many of, “How can we carry on?” I have found myself a way to put all this behind me and pick myself up and go forward, this is my way of apologising for any words of difference or disapproval. I hereby make a People’s Prosperity Pledge.
Wherever I am engaged I will ask what else I can do. There are disadvantaged people out there, be it through blindness, age, poverty, being ostracised; many things – can we help? The extra mile. Should I do a free extra performance, or a pre-visit, can people be invited or helped; a special session? Where can you share this post to draw groups closer?
I shall be asking these questions while discussing any gig or project, I will be asking these of myself and of those I work with. The People’s Prosperity Pledge.

Make that pledge.



Watching Paint Dry

ascending superbly
Ascending Superbly
carry trauma
Carry Trauma
emerging into tomorrow
Emergence of Futures
forgotten heritage
Forgotten Heritage
idylic lands
Idyllic Lands
mercurial birth
Mercurial Birth
nourishment delivered
Nourishment Delivered
small beings
Small Beings
some wizardry is this
Some Wizardry is This
that which gods do
That Which Gods Do
thriving together
Thriving Together
tiny hope
Tiny Hope
zen liquid
Zen Liquid

You are welcome to use any of these as backgrounds for free.

Viking Travel Course – Part Two – Becoming a Viking

Viking Travel Course – Part Two – Becoming a Viking 

Welcome to part two of my personal log of the exciting adventure of being part of the team for the UWGB Viking Travel Course. Yes, this time we will look at Becoming a Viking.

I am supplying links to all things Viking, including links to Njardarheimr Viking Town and all the places of interest along our route.

(Visit UW Green Bay Viking House on Facebook to find out more about the course.)

I am also going to include help on how to dress like a Viking and in particular on making your own clothes. In blog three I will be interviewing my good friend from Viking Connections Tim Jorgensen. He will be telling how we can team up with their Viking Apprentice to learn more about working with Viking fabrics.

You will want to shop around for somethings, in particular accessories, so here first are the links for shopping. You can buy materials and patterns, you can commission people, you can acquire jewellery, hats etc; here’s the shop links…

Oh no, first a mention on boots. You might want to buy Viking boots, you might want to wait till you get there and learn how to make your own, but in the mean-time let me tell you that new comers are allowed a little leeway when it comes to authenticity in the footwear department. If you have some simple plain boots which are not too noticeable you will be fine. You can always send us pics for a chat.

Back to apparel links…

Outfit Contacts

We will be hearing from Steph Anderson, the Viking Apprentice for 2020, who is going to be undertaking apparel masterclasses in Sweden prior to our travels and we hope to arrange classes for you with her in spring.
Sophia Helen offers ready-made, or patterns, or to be someone to run workshops
Sophia Helen –
Toni DB says, if anyone is looking to buy; has some nice wool goodies for the Norwegian weather.
Leah O’Cuinneagain says, I can send links for patterns, but otherwise I too am happy to make clothes if students would prefer 🙂
Leah coordinates the Viking group for York university and would be happy to help with enquires via – Vanaheim Vikings York on Facebook
She also hand-makes authentic clothing via –
Karin Byom – nailbinding for gloves and hats etc, also tablet weaving supplies and happy to advise on all things textile – is based at Njardarheimr and can run courses there –
Ann Asplund says, I’ve got some patterns – what about a skype session where I could help people draft their pattern with their own measurements? Plus with one session helping them take their measurements.
I am told NilleViking Glæsel has some patterns – for authentic life path jewellery.
Jelling Dragon are very well known for all things Viking –
Valhallas Silver are a great company – and they visit Njardarheimr –
A search showed up –
Bruni Bear is an expert in nailbinding, she is also an authenticity officer for the BBC – – (She is also on Facebook)

We will be learning skills and making things when we are there, and there is a great shop in the village for jewellery etc.

Visiting Vikings – Lots of links Relating to Njardarheimr Viking Town, Gudvangen, Norway – top attractions – including freeman application and guidelines
Market footage – – Viking blog
A walk around Gudvangen –
Information from my travels –
A 12 blog tutorial on being a storyteller –
A guide to re-enactment –
A Viking –
Slow TV Trip Across Norway –
Good, simple, overview of the Vikings in Norway –
Borre and the Midgard Historical Center –
UW Green Bay Viking House –
North Star Vikings is a Minnesota based Viking Age Reenactment group located in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro area focusing on the later Viking Age (approx 900 to 1066). –
Applications and enquiries;
Chat to the team at UWGB for final details, (I am just an assistant) – here’s the email for Professor H Sherman,

And the link to the first blog in this series Viking Travel Course – Part One