A Bitter-sweet Bereavement Poem

A Bitter-sweet Bereavement Poem


We’ve come to terms with this

It is alright

We’ve had plenty of notice

We’ve come to terms

And are calm

We are ordinary

Back to normal

We have nice memories

Come to terms

Don’t look at us

This is what you expect

They are now dead

And we are here

It is fine

And expected


is how we are acting

They are dead


We have come to terms with this



Viking Comic Book update – Very Exciting – (but it is still not a blog)

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header 01(The above is very definitely a draft)

News Flash- The final graphic novel is on this links page

(And the next one is on there too)

A wonderful progress report.

ask 01will grow 01The birth of the project is covered in my wordpress blog

I have added in pictures done so far, in most cases they are very not the final image or a good copy even. They give a very good idea of how we are progressing.

The end layout will be comic book style and I am researching and seeking guidance to make the space as comic booky as possible.

There has already been a suggestion that I create a banner display to exhibit at woodland festivals.

Artists and contributors will always be credited of course.

Page 1

thor less flash croppedmjolnir 01 text box(Above by Chloe)

ruins text 01Page 2

The below is a fun temporary image from me – utilising anna’s hammer (which will be part of the montage)

m flies on adrian 01mjolnir 02 textJackie of Swanhilda’s Sweets on ebay who does Viking Trade Route jewellery is doing the above.

Page 3

mjolnirweavesthrough jhmjolnir 03 text(Above by Jude)

Page 4
rainbow graPage 5

fountain tove 03By Tove Diving into the wisdom of the Well of Urd

Page 6

bursting adrian 01mjolnir 06 text boxdon doing above one

Page 6b (temporary)

Struggling through the topical slime-filled waters of a typical Norwegian Fjord…

slimePage 7

chelsea 02 flew onmjolnir 07 textChelsea

Page 8

trees annaanna

mjolnir 08 text

Page 9

chelsea 02mjolnir 09 textAbove by chelsea

Page 10


mjolnir 010 textPage 11

(temporary picture by me)

hel 03mjolnir 011 text(Above picture to be replaced by Vibeke’s)

Page 12

mjolnir 012 textlong drop along drop blong drop cTwo from Helen, one from me and another to come from Tove I hope. But. For the digital version it could be really really long.
No, really really.

Page 13

fire hammer chloechloe

mjolnir 013 textPage 14

Here is a very temporary image from me unless I dont hear from gramey – then it stays!

surt me cropped

mjolnir 014 textGramey replacing the above

Page 15

aflame 06Adrian – (more to do)

mjolnir 015 text

Page 16

This one has a temporary image from me for now….

mjolnir 016 textundead meOlivia doing the above (or rather, replacing the above)

Page 17

absorb final finalChloe

mjolnir 017 textPage 18

mjolnir 018 textNow, this is the one I did……

garm puppy with hammerBut I think I better replace it with the one below from Keiran….

garm 04Page 19

mjolnir 019 textgap adeade

Page 20

serpents 03Helen

Page 21

ice tove 02tove

mjolnir 021 textPage 21B

Temporary Picture

into light 02

Tove replacing the abovemjolnir 021b text

Page 22

light tove 03Tove

mjolnir 022 textove

Page 23

midgard tommjolnir 023 texttom

Page 24

mjolnir 024 textMy temporary fun image….

heimdall 01laura replacing this one with hers

Page 25

mjolnir 025 textAnna

weaving anna 02Page 26

I will be adding this image in elsewhere….

lights 01mjolnir 026Anna

Page 27

high seat 09mjolnir 027 textAdrian

Page 28

Across the cosmos

cosmos chloechloe

Page 29 – ade


back 01BACK

back 02BACK

back 03Back

Page 30

mjolnir 029 textchloe backby chloe

A huge thank you to all – all this is draft – and will grow

(read my blog from the very beginning)

New Viking Heaven uncovered

history-tabviking-life-taboldman-tabviking comics inc tab.jpgpoetics tab.jpgrants tab.jpgchat tab.jpgspooky tab.jpggby-tabnewsnext

New Viking Heaven uncovered

Yes there is another place to go when you die. It is real. It was believed in. It has come from my imagination. Shall we say; it has been posited so therefore it was so.

I do a story, ten places to go when you die, in fact contributions from onlookers has increased the number. I think we came up with fourteen at one course session (over a beer). There is another one. I may be the first to document this, or make it up if you prefer. Logic has it though.

Let us call this Viking heaven The Hunting Lands. A believed in land or island across a great sea. Here there were mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, dwellings and loved ones.

How do I know this when it has never been mentioned by anyone before? There is evidence. There is proof. The boat burials make it so.

You are put in a boat so you can rise up and sail to somewhere. The contents of the boat show what you are expecting to find when you get there.


You are all dressed up in your finest with your wealth adorning you; so there will be people to meet you. They most likely will be your family and loved ones. There will definitely be friendly people awaiting your arrival because you are carrying gifts of fine quality. There may be others who are not so friendly because you are wearing your armour and weaponry.

If you are well respected for your skills you will have your tools and equipment with you so you can continue crafting for the others who are there.

Longboat Gudvangen

You will be in a dwelling and trading and visiting others, you will be living. You are going to need your servants to look after you and there they are rising up out of the boat alongside you. You may need your warriors so their essence has been brought along within these servants; presumably to rise up alongside you. We do after all, in the Viking belief system, have multifaceted souls, some of which stays in those left behind, some of which goes back to the animal it was from, and some is you up there in the afterlife (or down).

What will it be like upon this coast? There are wild lands and waters. You have your sledge, your boats and your hunting dogs. You will be sitting upon your horse and racing after wild and dangerous creatures with your hounds running along. You will travel far in snow and rain and through deep forests. You will camp and sail and ski.

Evening Trail

The Hunting Lands are where the boats were built for. They were equipped to go there. The souls were believed in and expected to rise up.

The Hunting Lands.

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