Our Time at Balagard ‘Viking-age Finland’ 2019

Our Time at Balagard Viking-age Finland 2019

at Finlandia University, Hancock, Michegan, United States of America

Tell Me (Based on Finnish creation) – Listen now…

All stills by Heidi…

Contemplation between the trees
coming or going
Coming or Going
patchy portrays
Patchy Portrays
weapon of wonder
Weapon of Wonder
skill veiwing
Skill Viewing
as bloom blooms
As Bloom Blooms
let there be flame
Let The Be Flame
chance to breathe
Chance to Breathe
snuggle in
Snuggle In
finlandia residence
This is a camper
at the bellows
At the Bellows
to camp
To Camp
anita creates
Anita Creates
sheild prep
Sheild Prep
trodin is instructed
Trodin is Instructed
trodin navigates
Trodin Navigates
tims skill
Tim’s Skills
audrey treats toby
Audrey’s Treat for Toby
workshop near linen
Workshop Near Linen
mariah serves
Mariah Serves
viking sausage
Viking Sausage
hancock canal bridge
Hancock Canal Bridge

Link to Finnish Creation

Link to Tell of Beginnings, Finnish Folklore

Link to Songs of Power from the Kalevala

Listen to Veikko’s Quest

Songs of Odin

If you look at the powers of Odin; at the songs and runes, you see a different image than you would imagine. His words, his gathered powers, are for the betterment of all.

(Filmed in the Viking town of Njardarheimr, Gudvangen, Norway as I walk towards the ceremonial area.)

My Mum Connie, aged 93; her stories and poems – part one

I hate staying in…

The first story mum wrote after stating in writing class…

(Please note it is in two parts, so you will need to watch the short film straight after.)

Radio York paid her for this story…

A poem in darker tone…

Mum explains how amused she was by the poem ‘I Shall Wear Purple’, it inspired her to create her own version. she would always perform them both.

There will be more of her short stories and poems and she has recently been interviewed by The National Railroad Museum here in Green Bay Wisconsin. Once they have those up in the museum archive I will blog a link. For now here are links to other pieces…

Navy Blue Knickers and Things Which Go Bump in the Night – Childhood memories from the 30s

History of Quay Street, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, Great Britain.

Pictures of Steam Days (including family photos) – Mainly from dad

The Home Front Ordeal – by Ronald Samuel Spendlow

Ronald’s memories of listening to his brother once he had returned from prisoner of war camp. 





A Poem for the Viking Heart

In Isolation

We are alone
As we march evenly
Warrior heart
Is individual
All alone in an army
There is the slice of the sword
The waft of the weave
We are united
In this Viking heart
Because we believe
In one thing, one being
Count on him
Be acknowledged by him
Again and again and again
For he is our chieftain
Known across impossible boundaries
There is faith there
They are his
We stretch over,
Reach out, yes
We are isolated as of now
No longer the essence of the word
Forward nor backward
We are searching
The word is Viking
I heard the word said
That as Skald I was
In a dark nightmare
That we all were
No longer loved
This is the darkness
The madness, the end
Of all time I guess
Nothing to go to
Nothing to belong to
To reach out to
Sail to
We have inspiration
I heard the village had
Said to my chieftain
There is only one
Times that
By ten thousand
He is the one
The very concept of
Modern world Viking
The sense of being
He is not a village
Or a chair upon a wooden carriage
He is your heart
In a marriage between
A wish of being
And a timeless understanding
Of belonging
We are in union
The Viking empire is sliced by a sword
We are united by one thing
Our chieftain’s word
He calls us
We hear him
Our hearts fight through airways
Our lungs breathe the same air
We are aware
The fjords call onward to us
Become us
We are Viking
Hear the call of the chieftain
It is simple and plain
We are Viking
We are together again.


Way of Living – (Dedicated to Njardarheimr, Norway)

Way of Living – (Dedicated to Njardarheimr, Norway)

We have our land. We go raid no more. We here have plenty. Do not take like before.
In our hearts we are Viking. People of Iron. In our town we are Viking. Viking Town.
Shipbuilders come here. In iron nailed hulls. Bringing sightseers to us. They help at the sculls.
Season by season. The world comes stay here. The reason is Vikings. They hold us dear.
Our chieftain welcomes. His word is enough. We stay just as strong. Strong of love.
Chieftain he speaks. “Piracy is gone.” “No need to go plunder” Being here is strong.
Warriors a plenty. No need of an army. You come to us. We have no enemy.
All here are welcome. Whoever the world will bring. All here are welcome. Except the unwelcoming.
Come join in the building. The building of kinships. The skill and the interest. This town equips.
Ancient crafts abide. Use needle and hammer. Clothe us, shod us. Be potter, be carver.
As you sit you are of us. Viking by fire. Cook, drink discover. Be thirsty, aspire.
Remember to believe. Believe in your heart. We have games to share. Here we shall start.
Be in his team. Tell stories that last. Live here in the now. We bring you the past.

Adrian Spendlow – from the words of my chieftain
(NB the R in iron is silent)

Wander with Winnie

Wander with Winnie

We wandered wide in ancient woodland

Small snowdrops shine among the binding wynd

With Winnie’s spirit; see she skips

And happy meadow memories shine

Inside the ageless dusk of eye

The eye inside – as night time chimes

Holds steady gleam of darkness time

And in amid the blackness looking at us

is the sparkling line of far stars light,

Orange, blue and emerald green

Flickering their colours at us

Only wild stars above the wood tonight

And look, look up, look

This one; this one is mine






Songs of Odin

If you look at the powers of Odin; at the songs and runes, you see a different image than you would imagine. His words, his gathered powers, are for the betterment of all.

(Filmed in the Viking town of Njardarheimr, Gudvangen, Norway as I walk towards the ceremonial area.)

Creatures of the Norse

Creatures of the Norse – Animals of Norway and creatures thought of as mythical are collected on these decorative cards, which one do you identify with?

I created these for Angela, my fellow storyteller at Njardarheimr Viking Valley in Gudvangen, Norway. The idea was that visitors can pick one and be inspired and a selection can be used to improvise a story.