The Three Fates They Spin Your Thread – More of Adrian’s Ancient Greek Myth Collection


The Three Fates They Spin Your Thread – More of Adrian’s Ancient Greek Myth Collection

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Erebus the deep dark which is shadow is in union constantly with that which is Night and from this long intertwining long ago there came three beings; the Fates. Night has spawned us many more beings as we all know but none so beautiful, so powerful, so timeless and old. Even before Erebus and even before there was Night some say then there were the Fates; Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos the conjoined. For they are the death aspect of HER. They are the Triple Goddess. They are the Moon Goddess. They are the Goddess. Some may say her name, think that they dare and remain to be right. And if that name they spoke for the Fates; the Triple Moon Goddess in her death aspect it may be the word that they say would be Athene. So some say.

Of the three conjoined begot by Erebus in Night Atropos is the smallest and Atropos is the most terrible.

Feel now for the white linen thread trailing behind as you go, for it connects you to life and it is her who watches this where you cannot see. It is her who chooses the moment that you are only dimly aware will happen one day. Though perhaps it will be night when Atropos decides. Perhaps tonight.


Before all of that there is the moment of your arrival, spinning upon a thread which you will follow as you will lead it through. For Clotho spun you; every incident of you.


Year by year is stretched across the rod to be counted, moment by moment even, until your line is set, this your length of thread is laid by Lachesis who has decided how long you exist.

It is Atropos who cuts. She determines in the end and you descend, or float at her attending.


All is pre-set.

Oh how the younger gods laugh at this.

For Zeus the mighty Zeus has spoken, claiming supremacy for his sovereignty. The ruler of all, the father of all, the ruler of fate and the ruler of the Three Fates. Ruler of all.


How the Three Fates laugh.

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“I am the father of the Fates!”

The people of Delphi, at least, accepted his mastery of fate, supremacy; Lachesis no longer acknowledged there in their temples.

Some say Zeus was their father and Themis was their mother. He wasn’t the father though, no one could accept or swallow that. They were before even he.

Oh how the Three Fates laugh.


The Three Fates hold the power over all.


Younger gods, however, they say Zeus he weighs out lives in charge of Fates.

The thread of life is spun on Clotho’s spindle, measured by the rod of Lachesis and at its end is snipped by Atropos, Yet Zeus says he can intervene. “Let that one live!”


Oh how the newer gods they laugh.

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Ordinary people they say they resist the Fates; stay in that day, train up to fight, move house, refuse betrothal, dodge the snip. They say they live.


Oh how the younger gods laugh.

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These gods they talk of when the Fates were fooled, unsealed, when Apollo tricked them got them drinking, “Come relax, enjoy; eternity is a very long time.” Admetus was saved, or so they say. And…


How the young gods laugh.


Once when the Pythian Priestess danced she danced into a trance, an oracular trance, what she confessed the listener entranced. Not his children after all, the Fates are from the long before, are parthenogenous. The Fates they sprang from Necessity, the ancient Goddess Necessity she saw the

Three Fates flying from her. Long long before. There is more, if they are from before, then Great God Zeus must answer to them; dangle on their very whim.


Oh how the Three Fates laugh now.

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The folks in Delphi worship only two Fates; Birth and Death. In Athens Aphrodite Urania is the oldest of the three, the Eldest of the Fates; the Nymph-goddess to which the sacred king was sacrificed eons back at summer solstice. The people of Athens know Urania means queen of the mountains, the Delphinians know this too. They are but the some who say, the some who say the thing some say. Not us who listened to the dancing Priestess who informed us of the Mother of the Fates, Necessity for she is the strong Fate, not even any Gods contend her. So Zeus must answer.


Oh how the Three Fates laugh now.

So Athens says there are three fates, Delphi they say two fates, Dancing Priestess tells us there are four, three are born of one and all the four of them become the Three Fates. Let that be how it is explained.


And yes, the Three Fates laugh.


Is it myth that makes the threads flow from us taken from the habit of the swaddling clothes, for they are marked with symbols and sigils; ancestry and family are marked upon the bandages of birth to place the babe within its place for all the rest of its life, to seal its fate. Or are the babies swaddled because we know the Fates will thread us from behind and we label / swaddle to show we loyally are of similar mind. Then though perhaps the Three Fates send the ancestry bandages right after they have cast the thread which is our life?


Family and clan names are things for humans in their mere humanness and that is mortal, Gods and Fates however have their other ways of being from the past and future. Take the Fates, the Three Fates; they are the Triple Moon Goddess of Necessity; Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos as Birth and Death of Delphi,  Aphrodite Urania Athenian Nymph-goddess royal of the mountains. Hence their white robes and linen thread, Spinner, Measurer and Unavoidable sacred are they as Isis. The Pariae, the Ancient Ones, the Three Fates are the three Danaids; with three Rhodes’ cities named for them, Linda, Cameira and Ialysa, formerly Linodeousa (binder with linen, Catamerizousa (sharer out), Ialemistria (wailing woman). Yes they are the Telchines; the enchanters ie the Triple Moon Goddess Danae. Yes, they are the Moerae, if we moera-out (share out) the phases we have the three beings and the three moon times:

The new, the maiden-goddess of the spring, the first period of the year.

The full moon, the nymph-goddess of the summer, the second period.

The old moon, the crone goddess of autumn, the last period.


The trees reflect these phases in their needs and growth and character, and the Fates embrace the trees and feed us knowledge through them.


Take you sickle cut the twigs from tree type, tree type, till the echoes of the moon time spell the letters of your learning. God Hermes knew the power of the Fates and assisted in the alphabet of trees. The alphabet of trees is the alphabet of sharing is the alphabet of seasons is the alphabet of everything.


And from that alphabet came everything, for Hermes with them helped them shape us, gave us astronomy, scales musical, pugilism, synchronised physicality, mass and distance. They also brought us the cultivation of the olive tree.

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These are they, the Three Fates who give us opportunity, the chances life brings, and so much more, they bring us powerful gifts, even love making, like with Aphrodite, she was spinning when they met her, now her life is devoted to love, to widespread love and you may call upon her influence because of the three.


Even with death they empower you, send you where you deserve to go, no heroes ever if not for the cutting of the cord to send them homeward, no reincarnating, no freedom from torture, although it is true no visits to Hades where one twitters like a bird and gasps for falling blood drops.


Have you wefted and weaved along your thread as best you could or tugged against the pastel way?


They will fight for you if you fight the way of right, they will fight for Gods and you alongside if the enemy is evil. Let the brazen pestles fall upon the head of giants. Where the evil fall dead because of them the ground will burn forever onwards.


Let them bring fruits of the moment, fleetingly beautiful to empower, or Death-Apple to poison, drink if you will of the juice of such fruits for it is sure that you are pure, pure as the fleeting fruits of the Fates.


The Three Fates can save you even, if it is unfair that you should die, and if loved ones love you enough and cry enough the Fates will invest a twig with parity with your life, so you will live as long as the twig is unburnt.


Please them as they please us and gifts can come; eye of perception, tooth of divination, herbal sickle or sacred bag. Wish them well, they will even sing at your wedding.

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Other great feasts where the Fates are fawned over is when sheep are with lamb and honey has fermented. There in the open in the Oaken Grove we gather around the altar  for the Three Fates Feast.


So every year a length of white linen thread is lifted from the great bundle which is your life and this will be your allotment of line for the year ahead, enough to last, yet, if it were to not stretch quite far enough this is because they have decided this is the end for you. You will not know for certain until it is suddenly cut and you fly from the earth. You might want to feel to see how much you think the Fates have given you this year though, feel to see.

For at its end, either the year has ended or you have.ttfs

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This piece was originally part of my research for a forthcoming graphic novel with artist Tony Lawrence, but for now I felt the Three Fates deserved a blog of thier own. Current artwork for this blog is from myself. This is my interpretation from studying Graves’ Greek Myths and a few bits from the Iliad. Look out for the forthcoming Graphic Novel with Tony: Behold the God-slayer Typhon the Doom of Zeus.

What God did; what Katy said

What God did; what Katy said

God didn’t make nations

Didn’t draw lines on a map

There is only a globe in a sky

God did make life, did he,

and all that circles by

If god made all this,

He definitely did say,

Let them make their own way



Let them make their own way

Their own way


Adrian Spendlow


Guy Fawkes – A History

Gosh! Gramey of GSmithMedia has just told me that it has cost £200 to set up the site that supplies this download for us. I better get on with promoting it!


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On indoctrination…

On indoctrination…

God stole my friend away

He used Elspeth to take her

I knew I had lost her

As soon as she met her

The change in her; immediate

Slowly turning to terrible

I regret bitterly that day

Drugged with the word of joy

To becoming withdrawn

To become paranoid

Embittered with the mission


Or damnation

If you can get any conversation

It is embroiled with suspicion

Every little thing I say:

An internal investigation

Closure of mind is palpable

From a list of the unacceptable

Elements of my interests

Judged internally as

The work of the devil

God took my friend away

This thing, of evil reeks

I no longer believe her

That it is god who speaks


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The Easter Tales

p hall
Preston Hall, Yarm

I was thrilled to be asked along to Preston Hall and Gardens in Yarm near Stockton to tell stories around the theme of spring and easter, managed to mix new stories with a few of my rarer ones and of course some of my better known ones too.

(And the songs of Odin and the words of Jesus too)

(then Vikings in prayer followed by the hatching of a baby chick – see pic below)

I think my favourite moment was when a lad of about 12 insisted he was a doctor so he could be the one to assist the chick in being born from its egg.

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The things we do

And so the words seemed to echo around the hill,
“As I have loved you, so must you love one and other.”
“Ask and it will be given to you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you.”
“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you.”
“All my commandments are summed up in this single command: You must love your neighbour as yourself.”
“Be meek and gentle and the world shall be yours.”

ana cross
Artwork by Ana Maus
p hall

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