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Familial; the Family Store – Family, friends, followers, and fellowships

So many of my loved ones have such exciting projects or products. I just had to create this store.

Steve my son in law is Spee Six Nine rapper, artist and DJ

He often works with Big Taj. (That’s not Big Taj in the pic above.)

Go check out Steve’s Bandcamp

or here is a track


Here he is with Big Taj

And Steve’s artwork

Go subscribe

I want one!

Now Lucy

My daughter Lucy has a really well put together cooking channel. Head chef for a unique restaurant chain in St Andrews, Fyfe, Scotland Lucy’s channel Food with Lu covers a huge range of recipes from basic fried rice to hot dog pizzas to guacamole.

Subscribe here…


My daughter Holly has created some lovely stuff for us and for plenty of others.

Her logo says it all…

Artwork a collaboration between Holly and Steve B

“Homemade cute, cool & geeky designs for sale as well as custom made products. Including home décor and fashion accessories.”

Go visit…

I love the way she has used material from charity shops (similar to Thrift, Goodwill etc in the US).

Finding interesting images, logos, patterns in places where they have lived their life and are hoping for a new home. I also love the idea that you can commission and along it comes.

She supplies masks to cafés etc in her area so those who forget theirs can buy a real cool one.

My Wife Heidi

Professor H Sherman of course recommends the Viking House.

We, all at UWGB, are so lucky that Owen and Elspeth gave us their Viking House. So lucky too that Heidi is the curator.

Here is the Bonfire Night show

Heidi also recommends the site where she got her hot buttered toast earrings. She is almost English.

Her student Delaney runs Pink Possibly and has been a great help to us too.

‘The doctor’ is also on the board of trustees for the National Railroad Museum right here in Green Bay

The National Railroad Museum

My wonderful friend Carol McAllister is close to my heart and always always an inspiration.

A brilliant author too…


Georg Olafr Reydarsson Hansen – the Chieftain of Njardarheimr Viking Town in Gudvangen, Norway

Artwork by Anders Kvåle Rue

He is also my brother, my inspiration, my advisor and a constant in my thoughts.

He has really blossomed as a blogger…

Click the picture to view the blog
And the first of a series on use of the runes…

Click the link below to visit the first rune blog…

When I told Georg of this page he said, “What a really lovely idea, thank you xxxxx”

My son Luke

Luke is a music blogger. check out his blog here…

He also writes on music for ERB Magazine. To read all about emerging rock bands click the picture board to visit…

My Daughter Aysha.

Aysha tells me, “I sell skincare, and cosmetics. I have a website to buy direct –

but I’m available on facebook, for advice, offers, guidance etc under the page:

She also has a very creative store selling unique cards.

Visit here –

My brother in law Kyle

His site and his studio are well worth a visit (studio by arrangement)

Kyle Fokken – Casket Arts Studio #120 – (east side of building next to parking lot on 17th and Madison) – 681 17th Ave NE – Minneapolis, MN 55412 – USA

My daughter Leah (so I guess that makes me Irish) creates amazing period costumes.


An example of her work

Beth is my niece

She is marvellous. She also happens to run the infamous KnittyKnottyNoo.

We got these!!!!!

Here she is on Etsy…

And we got one of these

And here she is on Facebook…

(These are jute and loofah)

Dwayne and I are like brothers. we have done great things together and he has been a real help to me. He is also very busy helping to ensure people get food when they need it.

He is coordinating food for school kids mainly at the mo and has also worked with food for those who cannot get out of any age.

I asked him what he would like to promote and he said Paul’s Pantry so let’s have a look…

They do a great job. go have a luck, maybe donate.

Ana Maus my inspiration in many projects along the way.

Mindful Art

Tom is a great pal and has started an interesting blog. He is well involved in the music scene and has turned that into a great blog.

Listen in to Scruffy Theory – always worth a look – subscribe

Chloe and I have done so much together. Such creative bonding brings timeless connection.

Her unique music...

This whole thing wouldn’t be complete without a link to Connie Spendlow; my Mum.

She is a Youtube hit! A viral blog too! Here she is on my blog…

My niece Verity lives in Rockford, Illinoi and works for the amazing restaurant The Norwegian. Last I heard they were still opening outdoors-style with big amazing heaters. She tells me they are opening as a Christmas Market soon.

It is a breakfast and brunch bar with a carryout menu till 7pm. I noticed a regular had posted, “Well done for rolling with the punches.” Yes well done indeed. If you are round there go support them, you wont regret it.

I will never forget the lovely Virginia singing at our wedding. Wonderfully talented in many ways. She is performing on my forthcoming Audio Drama The Boat Rises. She is a Viking at Njardarheimr Viking town in Norway. Her YouTube channel covers her crafting skills.


Here is one of her classes…

My bro Scaz, er sorry we are grown up now I will use his proper name Graham Scarisbrick is very proud of how well his lads are doing. rightly so Skylights just made No. 1 in the iTunes alternative chart with Darkness Falls.

Darkness Falls by Skylights is available on Spotify

Two sons in one band Graham, you must be chuffed, especially with how well they are doing.

On Youtube…

On Facebook, hey they are everywhere…

I am so very proud to know my God-daughter Shelley Read, and really pleased she has kept in touch over the years, it means so much.

And the great work she has done too.

“So an online blog championing the voices of care leavers, and secondly I hope they help!

Very much indeed Shelley, great work and very moving all of you. Success stories so often through hardship.

I am so happy to be friends with such a person Olivia Graham. As well as a lovely friend Liv is a highly talented, actress, writer, director and songwriter.

Here she is on YouTube (I might have picked this one because I have a part in it)

She has an album out shortly so join up to her Bandcamp (I guess this track will be on the album),,,

I am mythical and I am a sister, I am a Norn! Here nurturing the tree, and weaving the words of threads is Sigrún Björk Ólafsdóttir. She is a wonder unbound.

Here stunning designs upon a Nordic theme are a must; from shirts or dresses to boots and bags, shop with Siggy and you are Vickingesque.

Let everyday of your life be Viking with The Ole Norse Calendar. Event by event Day and Night.

The above has a link to the 2021 calendar – I just bought it

When ever I think of Alda Raven, which is often, I think of her amazing stage presence; our stunning show Gods Bless Ya!!! – the whole audience, (about a third of which had just got off refugee ships a week or so before); rising up with their arms in the air and following her word to dance their way to Hel! (I got them back safely at the end.) – The times we have performed to the crowds at Njardarheimr Viking Town in Gudvangen, Norway – Stunned yet smiling audiences clapping or drumming and chanting along to her song as she marches among us booming drum held high.

Mi Sis…

But really she is a mouse – (Believe that if you will)

Alda has her own channel for her amazing cookery skills, she and Viking Mama, create dishes based on ingredients and techniques of old in a modern kitchen resulting in restaurant quality servings.

I am currently working with her on an album, an Audio Drama and being interviewed forher Pagan ‘magazine’ via YouTube. She also collaborates on her sisters travelogue Sigrun Design…

Oh go on then I am going to link to way back to Top of the Pops. It might be a while but it is really great. Alda Raven – Real Good Time

Our wonderful friend Anna Sawkins brings the world Sweetcures.

Here’s just one quote, picked out at random, “Such speedy service, this time I emailed for advice, got the email response in an hour and not a brief response, in depth and accurate information, I trust them and wouldn’t go anywhere else.

She also has done invaluable work for,

IDAS is the largest specialist charity in Yorkshire supporting anyone experiencing or affected by domestic abuse or sexual violence.

Our services include refuge accommodation, community based support, peer mentoring, group work and access to a free, confidential out of hours’ helpline.

(Including a national helpline.)

I am thrilled to know great guy Cujo and chuffed to count him as a friend.

A great hip hip artist well worth your following, we are currently collaborating on an audio drama and I also can’t wait to get to one of his performance nights. He has a following if ever blossoming performers.

Have a listen to his stuff…

My good friend Ana Maus tells me that the city of Hull is the worst struck in Britain, it is reminiscent of the Second World War. Children should not go hungry and food banks should not be afraid of running out because the queues are so long. If you are local maybe take food along, or offer to help; the rest of us click the link and send a little money. Feed someone.

Sorting the donations

I’ve just made a donation Ana, so count that as your Christmas present!

Lovely Di An, here in Green Bay, is hoping to get back to arting now her wrists are working good. Here is her personal site.

Another person I have a close connection with and am proud to describe as my brother is Defan. “Thank you Adrian, I don’t have a business page as of yet, you can use my e-mail instead.

He has been working unbelievable hard creating a catalogue of materials. So far he has been sharing news of his work with Vanaheimr Viking Group and his other Facebook connections. As this is his first step into full on internet exposure I will collect you a few photos together. He is a truly amazing weaponsmith.

I have gathered these images from Defan’s FB and from the Vanaheim society to give you an idea of his skills and interests, it doesn’t mean these are what is available. I suggest you are inspired by what you see to imagine what you want and then what he can make along similar lines. There is an adventure of inquiry ahead of you.

“I am not addicted, I can stop at any time I want!”

No doubt there is plenty in stock

Perhaps this neat sword…

987g on the 6th day of the 5th month

One of many of shapes and sizes

Below are modelled on a Jorvik find box lid

From bone work to woodwork. Bag handles.

Need a box?

The clip knife I bought…

Look at them arrows (and is that a three-handed sword!

What shall we put them in?

Currently folded down for access

A nice selection of swords…

No doubt when they arrive the package will be labelled Re-enactment Tool

Oooooo wood or iron?

Those with three rivet are scale construction

Now I wonder, is that a seax?

Probably a seax

There I told you my guesses were, er, guesses.

These now have prices…

The prices below don’t mean they are still in stock

Blunt seax available, suitable for re-enactment sparring.

First one from the top: 34cm blade, 4.8cm at widest, contoured handle, 365g. £60.

Second and third from the top: ~25cm blade with fuller, 3.7cm at widest, ash handle with rings-and-dots, 250-270g. £50 each.

Three at bottom: ~34cm blade, 4.4cm at widest, one with yew handle and two with ash handle, 230-260g. £40 each (£45 for yew handled).

I think Defan has only worked locally so there will be postal charges to consider too. Remember make general inquires initially.

and a few more swords to finish…

So now is the time to get talking.

Here is his email again..

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